• French Cars, Hate and Love Relationship

    I love our French cars, so much that I have written about them many times. I even asked and then shared with many Citroen lovers out there on a forum posting, which I believe was the highest in terms of page view. We got our first Citroen or French car in 2009, before our dear Inez came to this world. We learn from our previous parenthood experience that we needed some space in the car, when we have a baby. The need to pack day use cloths, stroller, easy snacks etc when you have a baby. More so, we had a helper with us that time. So a car with…

  • After a long silence, Naza Euro aka Citroen Malaysia has responded on the status of DS3

    Let’s just ignore the part about Retna is buying this car for her dear husband. We have been asking Naza Euro aka Citroen Malaysia for some months since the first DS3 spotted at Brooklands Motors.  However no response or whatsoever from the company.  The only DS3 1.3HP has been snapped up God knows who from Brooklands Motors, but it is a manual model, which is not to what my wife liking. Well, looks like this beautiful 2 door baby is coming to Malaysia, real soon.