• Amps Air

    Have been admiring the wireless earpods, but did not find I like.  Tried the Apple EarPods when I was in Tokyo, find it kind of weird, to have earphones cord being cut off. While I was at Bic Camera in Osaka, a night before heading home to KL, I bought Sol Republic Amps Air. I first tried Sol Republic in 2012, when I was in Singapore for a work trip.  Before boarding I walked into tax free electronic shop to get a pair earphones for me to enjoy some music while coming back to KL.  I picked it. Sol Republic and I did not end up well.  The microphone constantly…


    Bought the #solrepublic while in Changi Airport, Singapore during work trip before Christmas 2012. I was really happy with it, really.  No bluff. However, while I was happy with it, the buttons began to malfunction. It took me more than a month to get a replacement from #solrepublic.