• Epic Fails

    Taken from Wikipedia on what is epicenter – The epicenter, epicentre /ˈɛpɪsɛntər/ or epicentrum[1] is the point on the Earth‘s surface that is directly above the hypocenter or focus, the point where an earthquake or underground explosion originates.  Then, taken from EpiCentre’s website:- “The last of the human freedom is to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.”-Victor Frankl Seriously well said by Jimmy Fong, the co-founder of EpiCentre, the premium Apple reseller in Singapore and Malaysia.  Oh, it has one in IOI Mall, where #WelcomeToPuchong land is.  Generally a blessed land, until idiots arrived to dictate the otherwise.

  • My Little Green Initiative

    Have seen both @jeffsandhu & @Sookk80 using the Apple rechargeable batteries for some time now.  I thought the price point of RM129 was a bit too high for 6 battery pack.  Anyway, I bought 3 sets of Energizer mid of this year and found the charging time was rather long, in fact, 18 hours, minimum. So, I started to look for something else, which could charge less hours (again, it is another green initiative by itself), and I could use it longer, after a single charge. When I read that Apple batteries only required 6 hours to charge, I would give it a try, finally. 

  • Looking for cord holder, don’t waste your money

    Bought a Quirky Cord Management from Machines last week, as I thought I finally found a cord holder or alike for my work desk.  Anyway, it turned out to be rather disappointing.  Quirky does not have a surface resistance, which will stay foot while on the desk.  I suppose it does not suit my needs, which is to organise all my cables on the desk without creating a major mess.  I like to be neat, most of the time. I don’t like searching for cables, if the cables fell off the desk.  Most of the cables on my desk do not need to move with me while I am away…

  • Meet, Sennheiser HD228

    I seldom buy headphones.  It is like once in a blue moon kind of affair. Last time when I bought a pair of KOSS was when aboutcom started.  I still have KOSS with me, it is my gym companion.  Way better than Fitness First complimentary headphones. The next headphones which I have been using for nearly five years now, JVC marshmallow.  Again, I am still using it when traveling, especially on flight.  It has good noise cancellation, but hurtful to the ears upon longer usage. Thanks to friends such as Allan Koay, who has pretty taught me how to appreciate great sound in music (thanks to all his self composed…

  • After 6 months

    After waited and thinking about iPad for 6 months, finally on the first day of 2011, we bought ourselves the very first Apple iPad.  With much anticipation, it is truly a great device developed by Apple.  Besides all functionality of an iPhone, it is almost like a netbook in a way, although not completely replacing a MacBook, but I am sure with all its great features, it is definitely better than the Palm Pre Plus that I was using for about a month.