• 1 Year Now

    Time flies. Last year, Retna took me to Bentley to shop for an electric guitar for my birthday present.  It has been a year since then. I seldom play with it, I feel so sorry for the really nice guitar, which is Kurt Cobain, Jaguar special edition, with the vintage design on. However, I am not a collector, neither I collect anything. I just held it occasionally, playing The XX, Bon Iver, I especially like Bon Iver’s Perth opening, which I am still learning.  

  • Closer Look At Fender Jaguar Kurt Cobain Signature Model

    Yep, my birthday is over for this year. And this year I got the Fender electric guitar, which is the first electric guitar for me. I am not a guitar fanatic, neither a collector. I just love to play the guitar, so since the last time I have a guitar was like so many years ago, I would get one that I like this time round.

  • There are days, I think of giving up. Thank you @retnavijayan for the gift.

    I have a guitar, which @retnavijayan bought for me 16 years ago, I still have it in 1 piece, great condition and occasionally we will sit at the car porch to strumming, sing some songs. That guitar was my Christmas gift. When I was asked if I would like another guitar for my birthday present, I thought about it for a while. Then I thought, why not.