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Sour Asam

Photo credit: Retna, aboutcom

Ever speaking to someone with high self-esteem?  Generally, people with high self-esteem as what I have heard and learn during John Rosemond’s training – they are self-centred, self-worshiped as well as entitlement.  By the way, these are description by John Rosemond’s Parenting by the Book.  Not from me.

Recently I had a conversation with someone on Facebook.  I have been accused of calling this person, sensitive.  Since then, this person has decided not to communicate with me anymore in Facebook.  What can I do?  Nothing.

During the Sunday Easter Sunrise Service I had an interesting encountered with 1 sister, I think she is from another country.  We were at the van chauffeuring station where the church provided transportation for those who parked their cars very far away.

When the volunteer informed this said sister that the van will come in a short while because it has to chauffer others first.  She started saying, “What you mean another van will be here?”

Wah, such serious entitlement.

I then remember another incident about Children’s Church when Retna and I were still serving.  For a few times, the parents actually told the teachers that the church is paying the teachers to do the work, so make sure the teachers take good care of their children.  Well, the teachers are not being paid in any form.  Plainly volunteer.  The teachers are doing this because they love to serve in God’s ministry.

Feeling kind of sour right?  On these experience?

What to do?  In the journey of faith, this is what tested our faith, not all the fun and blessings from God.

How to feel less sour as it is rather impossible not to feel it – trust God, ignore these people and move on.

Cheerio, God bless 🙂




Alive Together, Running Together

Ariel and Elijah, running inside a British colonial building in KLPAC

We woke up before 5am and left the house before 6am, arrived at Sentul Park before 6:30am.  But the traffic was very heavy especially on the way to Alive Together Easter Sunrise Service 2011.  Since we came prepared (with our running and walking shoes), we parked the car in VIVA Residency and walked over to Sentul Park.  I think it was about 2.5km or less.  The main challenges were the air pollution, which many buses heading towards the main event venue, followed by very narrow walk way, which not suitable for large group.  Continue reading Alive Together, Running Together

Sitting with the mentally troubled person

We brought our Cambodian helper to church today. I think this is the second time she followed us to Sunday service. Most of the time, she prefers to be at home.

Elijah and Ariel were at their children church, so Retna, Baby Inez, helper and I went to the main sanctuary for the service.

When the usher shown us the seats, we took the place which were next a couple. I saw the wife was rather quiet (could be sister or friend).

I did not notice she was kicking us while coming into the seats, maybe she missed the kicks on me. So when Baby Inez started crying because dislike sitting among the crowded sanctuary, I took her out, passing the couple. The wife kicked me.

Later I heard from Retna, that she kicked our helper too when she went to the loo. She also called our helper ‘stupid’. When Retna decided to make a move because of that, she also called Retna, ‘stupid’, again to our helper too.

For whatever things that is troubling this woman, may God helps her. Amen.

Reflection on UFS & Spoon Fed Attitude (伸手将军)


Feedback I received from the Urban Food Sharing (UFS) team about our sons – they are helpful and resourceful when coming to helping to serve.  They are also very committed in getting work done.

My feedback and comment about our sons – they should do this more often 🙂

Looks like ministry that we could bring the children along does more good than harm.  Although there would be danger and possible harm, also a good platform for them to learn on self-protection.

It is also a good avenue for the children to learn how to appreciate life, a life that God has given to us.  Not to waste it on abused substances or having hatred in heart that resulted in no forgiveness, later self-destruction.

If we re-examine the purpose of UFS, it is a place to provide food & temporally care, and a word of prayer.  We might have loss that touch a bit in terms of reaching out to the needy.  They came expecting food to be given, without hearing the good news of gospel, or perhaps they have already heard it many times.

Overcoming hunger in food is easy, but for thirsty souls, that is a real challenge.

God bless you.

The left behind of modern development (visiting Urban Food Sharing, again)

Lunch is ready, but awaiting for crowd to settle down

Pudu was the bus interchange venue for me when I was in secondary school.  Pudu Plaza was the hang out place for me after Taekwondo class on Saturday.  Because we have a buddy whose parent was selling pork noodle in the hawker centre (which long gone now), before we placed ourselves in the video games arcade centre.

Later, one of my secondary classmate set up a stall selling claypot chicken rice and hotplate sizzling noodle at Pudu Plaza, of which I remember eating there once, but was like 12 or 13 years ago.

I came to Pudu again in 2009 with Lor, when Cinnamon Home Fellowship was scheduled to serve in Urban Food Sharing (UFS).  UFS started in 1999 with the objective of servanthood around the community.  The ministry identified Pudu and its vicinity as a start.  This ministry is now entering its 12th year.

Currently is being coordinated and led by Kasey as well as a team of Kawan, which is a non stay in shelter for the street folks in Pudu.

After 2009, Cinnamon Home Fellowship was scheduled by the church to serve in the UFS on April 2, 2011.

The last round when Cinnamonites were on duty was 2009.

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Honoring God’s People

Bee Guat & Poh Beng, Cinnamon Home Fellowship Leader

Once a customer loyalty client from Singapore share with us, it took 80% of the marketing resources to acquire a new customer, where as 20% to retain the existing customers.

I first got a call from Poh Beng when we first moved to Puchong, and looking for a home fellowship to attend.  We sent an email to the church and that’s how we got to know Poh Beng. That was 2007.

The name Beng is familiar to me, as my elder brother is Soo Beng.

In two years time, we got to know each other better, and he approached me to take on the deputy leader of the Cinnamon Home Fellowship, of which he gave me a lot of freedom on what to plan for the home fellowship.

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Origami, a church campaign

Region 2A regional coordinator and team members busy folding origami

When first received call from Lincoln, regional coordinator, region 2A of FGA Home Fellowship about developing a campaign for 2011 HF Leadership Retreat, I was telling Retna, “Since it is compulsory, why need a campaign.  Kind of wasting time to communicate this.”

Well, actually a campaign is still required to make sure the retreat is successful – in terms of leaders that willing to come and attend.

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Will You Still Love Me?

Looks like a horny dog trying to do something :)

On Sunday, elder Dr. Khoo shared a sermon on unity and victory in Christ.  I can’t remember the sermon title very accurately as where we were, main entrance or lobby of the sanctuary was surrounded by many people who talked loudly for nothing to do with the sermon nor the service.

Thank goodness for the FGA AV team for increasing the volume on the live telecast LCD, or else we would have missed the sermon totally.

The closing of the sermon was about elder Dr. Khoo’s mother asking him whether he would still love and takes care of her even though she is not Christian.  His reply was that he would still love and cares for her just like Jesus would.

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