• Insecure Wearables: Kaspersky Lab Researcher Discovers Security Issue in His Fitness Wristband

    Fitness trackers of all kinds have become extremely popular, helping people to manage their physical activity and calorie intake and stay in shape. However, such devices also process important personal data about their owners and it is important keep it secure. Kaspersky Lab researcher Roman Unuchek has examined how a number of fitness wristbands interact with a smartphone and discovered some surprising results. 

  • When Everyone Gets Back to Work (or not yet)

    Most people would have ended their Raya holiday and get back to school or work.  Just that some have yet to be ready to get back to work – IOI Mall parking team. The parking ticket was not readable throughout the complex and most of the parking ticket dispensing machines were malfunction, indicating, perhaps the parking team might be slowly on their holiday – taking after the busy period. I was at the parking exit lot for over 10 minutes waiting for any assistance after my workout at Fitness First. Well, everyone needs a break 🙂

  • Lesson on Lift

    After going to Fitness Frirst IOI Mall Puchong for about a month now, I still preferred to park the car in the basement car park, instead of having it under the sun.  Nearest lifts to Fitness First would be just next to TGiF. I have observed different group of people who shared the lift with me at the same time, quite often not too sure whether the lift is heading up or down.  Although I am going down to the basement car park level, I have been cursed several times, “Ah yah, why this lift is going down wan?” or “Why this fat chinaman never inform about the lift is…

  • Fitness First, You Second

    After being to Fitness First for three times now since joining the membership last Thursday, I just realised today two rather odd and could possibly irritating arrangements at Fitness First IOI Mall – busy personal trainer schedule and also possibly inexperience trainer; no towel provided to members throughout the workout.  Towel is only provided to Gold Fitness First member of which required at least ten months of active membership or paying additional RM20 a month for the towel.