• Wrist Band Replacement is on its way

    Wonderful good friend in my daily life to better health. Have received 2 wrist bands replacement thus far with 1 FitBit device replaced. Good customer service?  For sure. Will I buy more FitBit? For sure, yep.

  • Fantastic FitBit Experience

    I was cleaning the flex band few days ago and noticed the display seal has torn. Snapped a picture and sent it to FitBit team.  Reply in less than 24 hours (remember the time zone difference), and offered me a free replacement.  Was wondering if the team will deliver it to Malaysia, bingo.  The team said no problem.  And looks like will be getting the replacement in about 1o days time. Now, still waiting for the FitBit Flex Black ordered for Retna.  That is trying.  

  • FitBit Flex Part 1 > How It Looks

    Decided to break the review of FitBit Flex into few parts, perhaps 3. How it looks, the hardware App, how to use it Functionality, practicality Let’s start with the hardware. Honestly, the packaging is not really impressive.  It just looks like another mini speaker packaging, one I remember I bought some time again.  In fact the packaging of SOLRepublic is much nicer than FitBit Flex. 

  • Stay Fit with FitBit Flex

    Just arrived – FitBit Flex. Stay tuned for the review. The device is still being charged at the moment. Should be fun.