• Kids are addicted to online friendships

    Peer pressure is having a big impact on how children communicate with each other, making them more dependent on staying connected to the Internet, according to new research carried out by Kaspersky Lab and iconKids & Youth. Parents provide their kids with connected devices to help them maintain contacts with their friends, and children themselves claim that they use these devices because their friends do so.

  • Thanks Ang 謝謝维聪

    Special thanks to 维聪, the officer-in-charge of Sin Chew Daily Kelantan Bureau, for giving me this very valuable biography of Chin Peng (陳平) during my visit to Kota Bahru for Ayam Brand CSR activity. The content is valuable from the historical point of view.  More so, friendship with 维聪, Ustaz Hilmi and Abdul Rahman in Kota Bahru.  May God bless your soul, whereabout and family too.