• Missing Kids, Everywhere

    I used to spend my weekend working.  After so many years, I decided to reward myself a bit, by occasionally not working, but spent the time while kids are asleep to indulge myself into watching series, especially those critically acclaimed type.  Due to that, I have watched #MadMen, #BreakingBad, #Fargo, #HouseOfCards, #OrangeIsTheNewBlack etc. Quite often I also read the online recaps and reviews of the episodes of series which I have yet to read about or yet to discover.  So, guess what, I discovered #TrueDetective just few weeks back.  Got the whole series, but only have the time at night to watch them, after everyone is asleep.  Also, #TrueDetective, just…

  • You Know Nothing About Game of Thrones

    Thanks to @retnavijayan who consistently turning on Game of Thrones on the Apple TV on Monday night for many months, I fell asleep without watching them.  She told me about what I have been missing, more so, when she sent me a message in a raven form.  I was totally blank with what the heck is raven doing in my dear wife’s messaging.  Only raven I remember was the ones sending manna, sent by God. I watched the whole season 1 when I was traveling to Japan and coming back.  Singapore Airline provides much better selections when coming to in-flight entertainment.