• Leica D-LUX.

    Somethings happened by chance, just like us meeting Leica, and then owning one, and love using it.  We attended a customer dinner hosted by the bank, while many things there were from Germany, including the BMW, handbags, luxury products etc, not many visited Leica, so we did, since I love taking photographs.  The product specialist shown us a few cameras for us to try on, while I love the DSLR type, I am not prepared to spend above RM15k on a camera, just yet. So I arranged with the Leica Malaysia team to order D-LUX, which is a portable, non changeable lens digital camera. Took some weeks for the camera…

  • 1.5 Hours Frankfurt, Germany Experience

    Writing from Frankfurt International Airport, the busiest airport in Germany.  Traveling with Kaspersky Lab team as well as Malaysia media and Malaysia students to the Kaspersky Lab ‘IT-Security for the next generation’ International Student’s Conference in Krakow. The airport is big and it provides bicycles on standby for the passengers usage.  However, when the time we realised, we were quite close to the Lufthansa’s check-in counter.