• Kaspersky to open first Transparency Center in APAC

    Like its counterparts in Zurich and Madrid, the Transparency Center in Malaysia will serve as a trusted facility for the company’s partners and government stakeholders to come and check the source code of Kaspersky’s solutions. The new center will also function as a briefing center where guests will be able to learn more about Kaspersky’s engineering and data processing practices. In line with its drive towards building trust in the cybersecurity industry, Kaspersky announced the opening of its first Transparency Center in Asia Pacific, in partnership with CyberSecurity Malaysia – Malaysia’s national cybersecurity specialist agency. The company’s third code review facility will be located in Cyberjaya, alongside key cyber-related government agencies…

  • Close the gender gap in cybersecurity

    In recent years, more and more women have climbed the corporate ladder to occupy important positions in the business world serving as role models for young girls. However, according to Kaspersky Lab’s “Beyond 11 Percent: A Study into Why Women Are Not Entering Cybersecurity“, cybersecurity remains largely untapped by women, accounting for only 11% of the total workforce in the industry. The report outlines some interesting facts on why cybersecurity continues to be a difficult career for women to break into. According to the report, women in cybersecurity face a harsh reality: often being the only female in a room full of men – which may be one of the…

  • Kaspersky Lab and Mensa help you train your alertness in Global Think Test

    Kaspersky Lab and Mensa are inviting Internet users to a very special challenge over the summer. TheGlobal Think Test is made up of a series of online brain games and meant to challenge the combination and calculation skills of participants. On the ‘Global Think Test Day’ on September 6, 2014, a global competition will be held. Those demonstrating the best combination skills can win US $25,000. The organizations are trying to make people aware of the fact that sanity and reason are still the best weapons against many cyberthreats. But, as humans, our behavior is often geared towards being social and shaped by limited cognitive resources, say psychologists. So we need to train our alertness.

  • Holding on to your kids, never let go

    Visited the Global Indian Fair with our kids on Sunday morning, which was held at Mid Valley Exhibition centre, it was a 4 days event, which normally attract many patrons to the fair.  Other than Chinese, the fair was visited by many Chinese, Malay as well as expatriates. This was the third or fourth visit to this annual fair. The Sunday visit also marked the first ever horror experience at the fair.