• A Fresh Breath, for Malaysia

    Guardian Fresh Mouth 6 Action Mouthwash – Cool Mint, Tea Leaf and Peppermint  The Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, YB Steven Sim launched Fresh Breath For Malaysia, a youth empowerment and digital communication campaign by Guardian Malaysia and Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. A recent study of Malaysian dental students found that one in every two suffer from clinical oral malodour or bad breath[1]. Worldwide figures indicate that from 22 percent to 50 percent of the global population suffer from moderate bad breath[2]. Bad breath can have social and psychological effects on suffers including low self-confidence and low self-esteem, and it should be taken seriously[3].  Guardian Malaysia, the largest health,…

  • 365 days 360 degree, sensitive skin

    Good news. It seems common that many Malaysian with sensitive skin. Due to environmental factors such as air pollution, temperature change from dry air-conditioned interiors to hot and humid exteriors and lack of hydration, skin can become sensitive, and people can suffer from uncomfortably ‘tight’, dry or cracking skin.

  • Craze for K-Pop Culture and Beauty? Try Lip Hop

    I do not travel much other than the occasional work related stuff and once a year family holiday. Depending on the location that we are heading to, for work and holiday, I generally packed with a sun block in my backpack. Since I am Chinese, with tendency of getting sun burn easily, I prefer to have something to prevent my ageing skin from getting worse. I remember there used to be a saying from my former secondary classmate, “Men, do not need skin care products, unless you are gay.”