• Simple Steps to Reduce Risk of HFMD Infection

    Hand foot and mouth disease, also known as HFMD is most common among babies and children under the age of five. However, it is possible for older children and adults to be affected by HFMD as well[1]. Hence, it is extremely vital to stay clean whenever possible, and one of the simplest ways to do so is using the Antabax auxiliary range. In Malaysia, this disease has affected many families and communities significantly with 35,886 HFMD incidents reported from January until July this year nationwide[2]. Antabax, Malaysia’s number 1 Halal antibacterial personal care range, has an auxiliary range that comprises of a terrific trio of pocket-sized Antabax Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes,…

  • Antabax、卫生部和教育部通过全国卫生运动及CLAP竞赛, 联手减缓砂拉越手足口症的蔓延

    根据报告,马来西亚从今年1月至4月11日共接获1万3497宗手足口症(HFMD)的病例,平均每周接获964宗。其中,砂拉越病例冠全国,高达6333宗,接下来是雪兰莪(2727宗)、柔佛(919宗)、吉隆坡(661宗)、霹雳(642宗)及沙巴(593宗)[1]。 虽然HFMD疫情目前已稳定,然而若采取适当的备灾和防范措施,相信将有助于改善疫情。

  • Post #HFMD

    I want to thank all of you for your kind wishes and prayers.  May God bless you not just double but seven times seventy times blessing to all of you. It was a hard hit on my health this year.  I visited our ophthalmologist few days ago as I had some distortion in my right eye vision, which was previously under severe attacks of #conjunctivitis.  Guess what, the enzyme or whatever you may call the agent actually came back to block my retina which resulted the blurry vision. 

  • #HFMD Teaches Me About Patience

    Last year when iPhone 5S was announced, I hunted it high & low, booking it at all places and finally loss some bucks in cancelling all of them, as I bought it from Apple Malaysia online store during the Red Friday sale, with 20% discount. Does having the thing first make any difference?  Maybe, but actually no.  Other than the right to brag, which most hates. Change the perspective a bit, getting #HFMD fast?  No, thanks. 

  • The Lack of Awareness Still – HFMD

    Many adults may still think Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) only affects kids below 5 years of age.  However, with my recent diagnosis, it is proven that HFMD could attack adults too, in fact, harder than kids. Thank God to the medical advances and probably well read groups of people, no death (of which I could find online, while searching) that shown HFMD was the cause for the adults.  I know now most are afraid of the Ebola outbreak, which some suspected cases may have been reported here in Malaysia, but I think similar effort from the Ministry of Health should be placed on HFMD, H1N1, any kind of…

  • I have #HFMD (hand foot mouth disease) which adult is not spared

    Our daughter first had HFMD on Wednesday, September 10, after school, and the paediatrician confirmed on Thursday morning, the next day, that she had HFMD.  We informed her school immediately, and also got to know about other 3 kids also down with this. Our Ministry of Health has a detailed information about the HFMD (you can read about it, not much information and mostly outdated). However in the neighbouring country, down south, Singapore, I found a father whom contracted HFMD from his daughter blogged about his experience in 2008.