• So I was at Thistle.

    Have been passing by Thistle several times, as and when we were in Johor Bahru, staying here, was my first. So I decided to give it a try. The front desk was not very welcoming, just 1 personnel at any one time.  Or at least when I was there, I approached the front desk for things such as where to for meals, drinks, fitness centre etc.  I needed to wait a while before attended, or I simply walked away, explore the place myself. Room layout is nice, I like the way how the door is at an angle so to provide great amount of privacy to the guests who stay…

  • Great sleep, rest, and great meal

    Some friends asked where did we stay when we were in Taipei.  Although I was tempted to stay in a non conventional hotel which is really old, like more than 70 years, but then we thought about the comfort as well as the convenience, we chose Hotel Eclat. Why?  The TripAdvisor reviewers said this is one of the unique hotel in Taipei. So let’s begin on the short intro.

  • M Boutique M Hits M Misses

    Decided to give ourselves a treat with staying in Ipoh for a night, after spending 2 nights in Georgetown. While looking for another home stay in Ipoh, which I could not find anything as great as Spices Residence in Georgetown, kind of sad, we settled for M Boutique. Read reviews from friends on FB that it has great decor and ID, with great services, so we decided to give it a shot. Talking about the location.

  • Citrus Hotel, Sour As It Is

    Was working in Johor Bahru on Thursday and I took the opportunities to visit my mother in law and families in Johor, visit and meet clients in Singapore.  I needed a simple lodging, instead of troubling my mother in law, I read the comments in TripAdvisor for places to stay.  I choose Citrus Hotel over Silka and others, as the rest were fully booked for the date I wanted. Citrus Hotel is right in the middle of the Johor Bahru city centre, and next to the City Square and walking distance from the new Custom, Immigration & Quarantine building.  Let’s talk about the benefits of staying here. It is convenient…

  • Almost an incident of IMF-DSK

    In my recent stay in 360Xpress City Centre Kuching (hotel booking not by me), almost had a short IMF-DSK moment. From high occupancy, no room, to then room is available upon arrival and later check-in, this would probably be the last time I would want to stay in this, if it is a hotel at all. Upon entering the room, I locked the door and then setting my MBP on the tiny desk.  Someone opened the door with the master key.  He was trying to come in, and I was sitting next to the door, that was where the tiny desk located.