• Learning about nakedness

    Naked, is a taboo. While my mother does not allow me to see her naked while I was growing up, as she told me, it is not right, because I should not see any woman without the clothes on. I wanted to tell my mom that I have seen her naked when I was born, and same goes for her, she has seen me naked as a child. I used to swim in the public pool in Kuala Lumpur, where I used to encounter naked men bathing, walking about.  I used to think it was strange where these men wanted someone to look at them naked. However, I took nakedness…

  • Train the kids young, house cleaning

    Raya is an important date for the part time cleaner we engaged to clean our home.  Yep, we have an Indonesian cleaner whom comes to our home twice a week to clean the place.  Since the home is occupied by 5 of us, there are still some day to day cleaning we have to take on.  The cleaner will take on the harder core tasks, such as toilet washing, mopping etc. Anyway, since she is away for God knows 1 week or 1 month, we will have to take on the house cleaning tasks ourselves. 

  • From House to White House

    Our favorite TV series of all time – House, (off course CSI Las Vegas as well) has just done the housekeeping with Dr. Lawrence Kutner (played by Kal Penn, aka Kumar) – he committed suicide in the latest episode of House. However, his he dead or upset with or because of House?  Not really, he will be the new associate director of White House public liaison office.  Sounds good?  I think it is like offer of the life time to be able to serve the country. Thanks Kal for bringing much joy during the time in House as well as Harold and Kumar.  We gonna miss you.