• Thank God for kind companies

    It is hard to see some young patients with heart condition. Imagine, the kids were born and in the next few years, the doctor diagnosed the kids as unhealthy due to the heart problems.  Must be a desperate moment for some of the parents, other than pray, also have to look for resources to assist the upcoming medical expenses. When aboutcom team working on the program for the clients to give something back to the community, we assist the clients to find the areas that the needs are. There are different needs from time to time.  Some could be food, nutrition food, some could be good medical treatment.  And of…

  • Antabax and 99 SPEEDMART Launch Charity Fundraising Campaign In Support of IJN Foundation

    Cardiovascular disease remains one of the deadliest chronic diseases in developed and developing countries. Globally, an estimated 17.3 million people died from cardiovascular disease (CVD) in 2008 alone and by 2030 this figure is estimated to reach 23.6 million[1] deaths annually. Although CVDs have decreased in developed countries, the trend is increasing in developing nations[2] . In 2010, 25.4% (11,812) of deaths in Malaysian government hospitals were due to cardiovascular diseases and it is also the top cause of premature death, with about 35% of deaths from CVD occurring in individuals aged below sixty[3]. Cardiovascular diseases are expected to be a major concern in developing countries as they transition towards developed countries…

  • ‘1Hati bersama Antabax dan Giant’ Campaign Raised RM23,749.78 For IJN Foundation

      Antabax, a trusted and innovative antibacterial personal care range that provides 24-hour protection, in collaboration with leading Malaysian retailer Giant has raised RM23,749.78 in funds for IJN Foundation through its One Heart With Antabax & Giant Fundraising campaign. The campaign that ran from July 1, 2014 to August 31, 2014 saw 5% of sales from all Antabax products at all 128 Giant outlets nationwide channeled to IJN Foundation in support of its Patient Assistance Programme.

  • Recovery

    After a hectic work out with the trainer Mohd Sazali of Fitness First yesterday, I caught a cold while on the way back home. Sustained throughout the meeting at IJN before heading home for rest.  After seeing the doctor this morning, now been advised to have more rest as well as to drink more fluid. Wish myself to recover well, have a media event tomorrow afternoon.  May the Good Lord answer my prayer.