• Take pictures to remember Jakarta

    I do not like Jakarta. I have been there, sat through the heavy traffic jam as well as attended a meeting of which the person forgot that I was there, so my experience with Jakarta was like empty, or empty-handed kind of relationship. In November, I was given a chance to be there again, this time for work.  Even the previous trip to Jakarta was also for work.  It is not really a destination for holiday.  Unless you are from a really advanced city, wanting to experience living in a city with 9.6million people. I did some checking on internet, it offers seriously up market pub and night life in…

  • Mask Painting (making)

    We are a fan of face mask, mainly I used to get nightmare having mask hung at the living area of our former home. I would not take mask as religious nor spiritually, I would take it as a form of art. Thanks to Kaspersky Lab, we were arranged to have a short lesson at Astani Mask Gallery, Ubud, Bali.  The lesson was conducted by Ida Bagus Nom Suryawan.  He made the mask, painted them as well as wearing to perform. Ida shown us his gallery, a huge and extensive collection of masks.  Before he gave us a treat on the performance. He explained to us that the performer would…

  • Entering Bali

    I was in Bali last week, for Kaspersky Lab APAC PR Meet, which was held at Intercontinental Bali Resort, at Jimbaran, Bali. All of us at Tan-Vijayan love Bali.  Although we are not much beach kind of family, we enjoyed ourselves very much at Ubud, the place filled with arts, crafts as well as paddy field and good food. Tourism is a main stream of income for Bali, followed by agriculture. While speaking to the local Balinese, I was told that most Balinese left their homes to work on the cruises, as the pay is much better compares to working in the island.  Therefore, the island is short of manpower,…

  • Staying a private villa at Ubud

    Retna and I were checking online for the places to stay in Bali.  So we shortlisted to things we like, surprisingly swimming pool was way ahead of beach, so we picked paddy field, nature, walking tour, arts etc. So Ubud fits the requirements for this family holiday. Looking for the right accommodation which does not cost a bomb, then we started looking everywhere, asking friends, etc.  And we found Private Villas Ubud Group, which is owned a group of Australians, who loves either having villas or homes in Ubud, or perhaps, started their own home stay business in Bali, which I think they have done it really well.

  • Walking about paddy field

    Retna and I spent almost every morning around 5:30am or 6am walking about the paddy field at Monkey Road, Ubud. Not too sure who owns the paddy field, but they are really well taken care of, and I think the farmers have done a really good job.  But then come to think of it, the farmers would have to do a good job, or else there is no harvest nor yield.  On top of which, it is a rather significant ritual, I mean the rice in Bali.  Rice is used as one of the key element in the worship and offerings.