• #YouDontHaveToGo #TheInterview

    Watched The Interview this morning, after most people may have watched it few hours before me. Before I move on, this is not really a great movie.  I mean, it is a cheap comedy, which does not require a lot of intelligent to digest the overall movie content.  Like so long you know the porn, profanity, you are set for this movie. You probably do not need to read any history or background of North Korea. Yep, that is The Interview. 

  • Pay attention to the surrounding, so much to hear & learn

    Was tasked to fetch a foreign guest for a media interview last Friday. The traffic in KLCC was terribly mad. We were late, the foreign guest went mumbling.  I ignored. Started talking about what he will be talking about during the interview etc. We kept talking about many things and one thing that really my attention was his business philosophy. I can not share the content since it was for our ears only. Just need to pay attention to the surrounding, never know what we may hear. Cheers.