• Hey Siri

    “Hey Siri, what’s the weather today?” Daily, I am pretty sure Siri has been asked on that million of times.  Also if Siri would have sex with the person, as well as where to find the latest joint for weed. It is really a learning stage for the artificial intelligent which was first introduced by Apple in 2011, during its famous World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), which I used to tune in to watch the latest development.  I could watch the podcast or YouTube later, or best still, the summarised version on some of the technology blogs or news sites. Siri is a spin-off from a project originally developed by…

  • Changed, iPhone 6S Plus

    The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were made available to Malaysian market on the October 16. One of @aboutcom_my clients asked me, am I getting it.  My reply, if I could get it online, I will.

  • FitBit Moment New Feature on iOS

    Ok, I am proud to share that I have loss 3kg after I have been actively running, almost daily. With that good news, FitBit issued an update to iOS devices with its new feature, which you can now log your exercise, but only limited to Run, Walk & Hike.  You can not add anything else, such as cycling. 

  • iOS 7.1 Interface for Phone Calls

    Did you notice that there is a new interface for the phone lock screen as well as the phone call screen? Like the little touch Apple team has made the screen a bit, interesting again. What do you think?

  • When thinking too much about Apple, then the dream

    Yep, I dreamt of having #selfie with Tim Cook last night. Too much #Oscar?  Nay, too much thinking about switching away from Apple.  That could be the reason. Disclaimer, whatever you read next were what presented in my dream.  So nothing is real here.

  • Apple Enlarges Its Tent

    When we got our Citroen in 2009 in preparation of our existing twins and daughter, because we would need a larger and reliable vehicle for the family, the additional technology features come as a surprise when the Citroen team shown us what the car has. Of course we do not have the large display which has the navigation, since we were already using the iPhone with Google Maps and Garmin, Papago apps.  But the Bluetooth connectivity which later only we realised it works super duper well with Siri.

  • Crashed!

    While I love the iOS, especially the iPad Mini with RD, I hate the iOS7.  OK, do not despise nor hate me as I have said I love the new iOS. The iOS 7.0.4 seems to crash on iPad. See the video which I have posted, you would sense and understand my frustration. The only way not to get frustrated about this – not to use the iPad until Apple fixes this.  

  • Safe Browser by Kaspersky Lab for iOS Devices

    Kaspersky Lab is pleased to announce the release of a new free app to ensure users are safe while surfing the web on their iPhone and iPad devices. The new Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS is now available from the Apple App Store. Like any Internet user, iPhone and iPad owners can fall victim to cyber attacks which use social engineering techniques. The most widespread example of this is phishing, which tricks users into providing their personal information through the use of fake websites or mass mailings that use the names and logos of well-known companies. The user could be tricked into sharing their passwords to a social networking site,…