Day Trip. Ipoh.

The trip was short, less than 5 hours in Ipoh, and we were out. We were there for Ayam Brand. During lunch, I walked about the area where we were at, Jalan Sambanthan, kind of historic. I was mistaken as Korean and then Japanese during the walk about. The owners of the shops were happy […]

Team work makes perfect.

Ayam Brand, famed for its wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative-free canned products is celebrating its 125th anniversary with a nationwide initiative themed, ‘We Care, We Are Family’. The anniversary celebration coincides with the 10th consecutive Ayam Brand™ Charity Campaign. This year’s charity campaign will reach 60 charity homes in 11 locations across Malaysia […]

‘Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama TOP & MYDIN’ CSR Campaign Exceeds Target

The ‘Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama  TOP & MYDIN’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme exceeded its target of collecting RM40,000 in funds to provide 400 underprivileged children from 18 charity homes nationwide with a complete school kit of uniform, shoes, socks and bag. The additional amount of more than RM 10,000 in funds was used to provide school kits […]

4 orphanages in Perak to benefit from 2 months supply of Ayam Brand products

Ayam Brand, a household name in Malaysia for 121 years, famed for its wide range of nutritious, no added preservative and no added MSG canned food products is on a mission to help more people, beginning with the underprivileged, rediscover the great taste, convenience and nutritional benefits of fish through its ‘Tasty Fish, Healthy Diet’ […]

When Retna Asked, “What you wanna do on your birthday?”

“Let’s head to Penang, have the nice char kuey teow, hokkien mee, duck noodle and then Ipoh for bean sprout chicken, bla bla bla…” I said. “Ooook, you sure about this?” said Retna. “Yep.  Also I wanna head to Penang to visit some heritage sites, I wanna document them,” I said further. Before Retna can […]

Start The Kids Earlier, So They Could Cook

We have the opportunity working on Ayam Brand Healthy Meals campaign for 2012 again. A wonderful experience not just working with aboutcom team in coming out with the ideas, concept and also the fun of implementing the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative for client. Just completed the third leg media launch yesterday in Ipoh, for […]