Castel Sant’Angelo, Now a Museum

Taken from Castel Sant’Angelo’s official website:- Built around 123 AD as a tomb for Emperor Hadrian and his family, Castel Sant’Angelo has an unusual destiny in the historical and artistic capital of the scene. While all the other Roman monuments are overwhelmed, reduced to ruins or quarries to be recycled into new materials counting, modern […]

High Speed Train in Rome, To Many Places, Including Outside of Italy.

We made arrangement to attend the Pope Audience on Wednesday, so we decided to leave Rome on Tuesday to head out to Florence, or famously known as Fiorenze in Italian. The ride was 80 Euro per pax for return ticket.  We did not plan to stay in Florence, so we went on a day trip, […]

Driving in Rome, Graduated If You Still Alive.

The Rome trip has been fruitful and great. The Tan-Vijayans really enjoyed themselves, so do we, Retna and I. We took a flight from KLIA, and then transited in Dubai, before reaching Rome, or the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport.  The whole journey – about 14 hours of flight time.  We were lucky to have a […]