• Brother International Harnessing The Power of Innovation for 105 Years

    With a rich history that began in 1908, Brother International has grown from humble beginnings into a diversified multinational corporation. While its technology and business activities have evolved over time, a foundation of strong leadership and the harnessing of the power of innovation has remained a constant throughout Brother’s history. Challenges lead to opportunities for the leading Japanese maker of printers, Multi-Function Centres (MFCs), fax machines, labellers, label printers and sewing machines, which is branching out into new ventures.

  • You Know Nothing About Game of Thrones

    Thanks to @retnavijayan who consistently turning on Game of Thrones on the Apple TV on Monday night for many months, I fell asleep without watching them.  She told me about what I have been missing, more so, when she sent me a message in a raven form.  I was totally blank with what the heck is raven doing in my dear wife’s messaging.  Only raven I remember was the ones sending manna, sent by God. I watched the whole season 1 when I was traveling to Japan and coming back.  Singapore Airline provides much better selections when coming to in-flight entertainment.  

  • Walls, Hitting The Walls, Walls Coming Down, bla bla bla

    The week sermon is inspiring.  Reading from the Book of Joshua, chapter 6. Walls, I visited a few places with walls as the main attractions and themes.  Occasionally, I hit walls at home and work.  Walls, they are there to prevent one to move across.  To stop something from coming in.  When I was in Kota Bharu, the Lam Soon team told me that some houses and shoplots build walls to prevent flood coming into their houses. In physical training, walls are there to train persons to overcome the challenge.  Sometimes, alone, sometimes in a team. Joshua was leading the people to conquer Jericho, he and the team have to…

  • A Short Visit to Nagoya Castle [名古屋城]

    It is my first visit to Nagoya, Japan third largest metropolitan cities with more than 2.8million population.  It is also the city where many well known consumer brands are located – Brother, Toyota etc. I have heard about Nagoya mainly from our client, Brother team.  Being here for the first time, the city gives me a great view of how so many people could live together, yet everything in order. Upon arrival and some freshen up, we were taken to visit one of the heritage site of Nagoya, as part of the history learning on the trip to meet the Brother top executives, other than learning about the company, we…

  • It’s Etsy, and I know it (handmade iPhone pouch)

    Retna is a big fan of Etsy.  Many years ago she shown me the site and I told her, everything nice, except so far and too expensive to ship to our shore. Ever since my first trip to Japan, I learn one thing from Japanese – which is the appreciation for good workmanship, especially when it comes to handmade items.  Retna bought a handmade iPhone case while visiting a lifestyle outlet in Shinjuku. So, coming back to my first purchase experience from Etsy. 

  • Apple Holiday Klentongy

    On the second day of the trip, the tour manager of Apple Holiday informed us about the dos and don’ts in Japan. One of them – remember to rub the wooden chopsticks together as there could be splinter, which might cut our mouths while dining. Guess what.  While reading the Going Places, March issue, I read that, Never rub your wooden chopsticks together; any sushi restaurant worth its salt will use quality wooden chopsticks which do not splinter and therefore do not need to be rubbed.  Doing so is an insult to the restaurant you’re dining in.  Good Lord, I wonder how many restaurants we have offended while in Japan.…

  • God, Japan. I Miss You.

    Just to be on the record. I miss Japan.  Not the Japanese girls.  LOL. Ever since returning from Japan, I feel I am so connected to Japan.  Everything related to Japan, news, promotions, fictions, movies, TV programs etc, I just want to read and get to know more about. I almost drag Retna with me over the busy weekend to Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL, just to be close to Japan, or at least the Japanese culture, promotions going on there. Just I am crazily, madly thinking about Japan, my work also requires me to think about the sun rising country too. All the things I accumulated from the trip, brochures,…