• Mac User Group Meet Jan 2011, hosted by Kaspersky Lab

    Thanks to Kaspersky Lab for agreeing to host the Malaysia Mac User Group Meet for Jan 2011 on Saturday, Jan 15, 2011.  We have Rain, jeyadev, IanCheong, marathon, kuanyoon, bennylee, Mok, Jesmond, samueltan, Ariel, Elijah joining the first meet of the year. Rain started the iPad gaming demo (I missed out the photograph that time, alamak).  Pretty impressive especially the game that looks like Prince of Persia (sorry, I forgot the name, not a gaming person) on a big screen.  Just so exciting to watch.  During Rain’s demonstration, iancheong said, “We don’t need Nintendo Wii!”  I have to agree.  Anyone looking for Nintendo Wii?  🙂

  • Last MyMUG’s MacFest of 2009

    Elijah told me in advance that he wanted to stay at home to accompany Retna and Inez.  I believe it was mainly driven by he would then be able to watch Merlin on Hallmark all for himself without interference from Ariel (evil father’s thought). Ariel went with me to Machines at One Utama (Old Wing) to attend the MyMUG’s MacFest, which signifies the last gathering for the Malaysian Mac User Group for 2009.  By the way, MyMUG holds such gathering once every two months.  The attendees are mainly the hardcore, amateur, new user as well as anyone who is keen to find out or to explore Mac before becoming a…