• So I was at Thistle.

    Have been passing by Thistle several times, as and when we were in Johor Bahru, staying here, was my first. So I decided to give it a try. The front desk was not very welcoming, just 1 personnel at any one time.  Or at least when I was there, I approached the front desk for things such as where to for meals, drinks, fitness centre etc.  I needed to wait a while before attended, or I simply walked away, explore the place myself. Room layout is nice, I like the way how the door is at an angle so to provide great amount of privacy to the guests who stay…

  • 6 homes in Johor received aid from Ayam Brand.

    Ayam Brand’s campaign was made livelier and more competitive with Ayam Brand Junior Chef cooking competition. Themed ‘We Care, We Are Family’, the cooking competition requires teams of two children to prepare, plate and serve a family-favourite dish using Ayam Brand products. The campaign is in-line with the Ministry of Health Malaysia’s efforts to fight obesity by educating and encouraging children to make informed food choices. In Johor, the recipients include Rumah Anak-anak Yatim Shafar, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-anak Yatim Islam Kota Tinggi, Asrama Kebajikan Ar-Rayyan, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Insan Istimewa Johor Bahru, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-anak Yatim Johor, and Gateway Community Centre. Ayam Brand™ emphasizes the contribution of its sardines, mackerel and…

  • Flood, Run!

    Called to reserve 2 rooms for our family, while attending a family wedding reception at Danga Bay Convention Center on Dec 31, 2012. The front desk supervisor suggested us to take the 2 bed-room apartment suite instead, which we were informed when we called the first time everything has been taken. Check in process was fast. We had late lunch at Myra Cafe, the food was normal and the fired egg served with the fried rice was coated with over used dark oil. Yep, the egg has three layers – orange egg york, egg white and black oil stains. Ugly sight of an egg. Then, we went back to the…

  • Citrus Hotel, Sour As It Is

    Was working in Johor Bahru on Thursday and I took the opportunities to visit my mother in law and families in Johor, visit and meet clients in Singapore.  I needed a simple lodging, instead of troubling my mother in law, I read the comments in TripAdvisor for places to stay.  I choose Citrus Hotel over Silka and others, as the rest were fully booked for the date I wanted. Citrus Hotel is right in the middle of the Johor Bahru city centre, and next to the City Square and walking distance from the new Custom, Immigration & Quarantine building.  Let’s talk about the benefits of staying here. It is convenient…

  • I Remember Why We Don’t Send Kids Somewhere Else During School Holiday

    While our sons were about four, we sent them few times in a year to visit their grandmother in Johor Bahru.  They will travel alone via MAS, as AirAsia does not take in minor travel unaccompanied. First time when our sons went to Johor Bahru, we did not get the return ticket.  As we thought they might want to stay there longer. Well, there was one occasion that Elijah was pretty good in answering us when he is coming back.  “I will be back next Sunday.” After the next Sunday, he will again tell us, “I will be back next Sunday.” Seems like a good training on being independent.

  • Walking Back the Memory Lane

    Great initiative by Retna for bringing up the old photographs of her parents to show to the children during the day two of Diwali. Beside seeing how my parents in law look like while they just got married, I also got to see how Retna looks like with her sari, which she has not been wearing since marrying me. Day two also continues with much lunch before us heading back to KL.

  • After 5 Years, Returning to Johor for Diwali

    In preparing for the trip to Johor Bahru, besides getting ourselves the right outfits, we planned our journey so won’t be caught in the heavy traffic.  Thank God that with our Citroen Grand C4 Picasso, it does the job quiet well.  We went through the states smoothly with wonderful long distance drive. Just that some part of road conditions after Seremban seems a bit ‘hole-ly’, giving more work to the car suspension.  One thing for sure, our daughter, two sons and helper slept like babies throughout the journey.

  • Meeting Christians

    In my recent work trips, I have the opportunity to meeting up with Christians – both Catholic and Protestants, well, I thank God for the opportunity. When I was heading to Kuching, I met clients counter-part that is also Christian, we had wonderful fellowship.  The last Kota Kinabalu trip, I met the church missionary that were on their way to Sabah for God’s work.  Not to forget a trip to Johor Bahru, that the pastor of the charity home actually reminded me to buy a bible to be given to the client.  Oh yah, the recent trip to Kota Kinabalu, client’s colleagues in Sabah, majority are also Christians.