• Ayam Brand™ Provides 280,000 Healthy Tuna Meals For Charity Via Its Annual CSR Program and Introduces the ‘Kids Can Cook’ Campaign

    Ayam Brand™, famed for its wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative-free canned products will be providing 280,000 healthy tuna meals for charity via its annual corporate social responsibility program. The nationwide Ayam Brand™ Charity Campaign is now in its eighth year, and has benefitted more than 14,800 people from 312  charity organizations!

  • Ayam Brand Gives Underprivileged Children A Head Start Through The ‘Convenient, Nutritious & Healthy Meals for Charity’ CSR Campaign

    Ayam Brand, a household name in Malaysia for 120 years, famed for its wide range of nutritious, no added preservative and no added MSG canned food products is giving underprivileged children from across the nation a head start through its Convenient, Healthy & Nutritious Meals for Charity CSR campaign. The campaign was kicked off with contributions to five charity homes from Kedah and Perlis that was held at Majlis Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Kedah. Now in its fifth consecutive year, the Ayam Brand Charity CSR campaign will see contribution of its products sufficient for daily consumption over two months for all residents at 43 charity homes across ten regions in East &…

  • Walking about in Jalan Langgar

    Jalan Langgar, not too sure how the name came about.  Langgar means knocking.  Well. Besides enjoying the media event in Alor Setar, I enjoyed something else very much – the environment and surrounding of Alor Setar.  It is very peaceful and quiet.  The scenery is always enjoyable, especially when we arrived at the airport, we are being ushered by the beautiful paddy field. Before the media event started, together with my colleague, we walked to the lunch venue.  A long and nice village lane, although the weather was hot, the wind compensated that. Although I have Facebook friends that commented nice and reasonable price food in Alor Setar, the place…

  • Ayam Brand『全国社群关爱行动』进入第四年度

    Ayam Brand名下 『全国社群关爱行动』 (Nationwide Community Care Campaign)辉煌踏入第四个年度,继续藉由旗下种类繁多、营养丰富、方便料理,而且不含防腐剂或味精 (MSG)的罐头食品,支援国内需要帮助的弱势儿童、身心伤残人士及单亲妈妈。 今年,Ayam Brand将把产品捐献于东西马10个地区的40家慈善收容所,慷慨替 2千多位弱势族群献上为期两个月的营养餐食;而吉打与玻璃市州的4家机构则首先受惠。

  • Arriving Alor Setar, Getting Ready

    Waking up at 4:30am and then got into the cab at 5:30am, reached Alor Setar at 8:15am. Got to the charity home at 10am and now waiting for the rest of the client to arrive.  Will be launching the first Northern region CSR programme for our client tomorrow. More updates soon.

  • Paddy Field

    Arrived at Alor Setar airport at 8:10am today and before the landing, saw a great scenery of paddy fields, like sea, where almost unable to see the end of the paddy field. We are here together with Ayam Brand for a media launch of its community care programme for Northern region. Great town with great people, surprise to meet many people here whom not originally from Kedah, but decided to stay here for long term – family and work.