• Visiting Kota Bharu for 7 Hours

    Went to Kota Bharu, Kelantan for a work trip on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 with my colleague and clients. The last time when I was there, 2015.  The place, has not changed at all.  No traffic jam, neither the roads are busy. And, I have not learn any single Kelantanese dialect 🙂 The tasty food, warm people, remain the same as every time when I visit Kelantan. 

  • A healthy bento campaign for East Coast

    I went with my colleague to Kota Bharu for a short day trip, working on a media event for Ayam Brand.  The annual CSR event is now in its 9th year, and we are glad the recipients in East Coast are expecting us with wide open arms. Again, with a setup which needed space and infrastructure to accommodate a group of participants, we did not do the event in a charity home, but at a cafe or restaurant instead. Good to meet most of the recipients in person, although we have been communicated over phone calls, and email for some months.

  • Learning from history

    Special thanks to Ang, Kota Bharu for this pleasant and lovely gift when I was in KB few years ago.  So fast Ang, time flies 🙂 When I heard of the passing of Mr. Chin Peng, I remember the book that I read some years ago. Now this book has been passed on to our family library collection, which our sons and daughter would be reading.

  • Walls, Hitting The Walls, Walls Coming Down, bla bla bla

    The week sermon is inspiring.  Reading from the Book of Joshua, chapter 6. Walls, I visited a few places with walls as the main attractions and themes.  Occasionally, I hit walls at home and work.  Walls, they are there to prevent one to move across.  To stop something from coming in.  When I was in Kota Bharu, the Lam Soon team told me that some houses and shoplots build walls to prevent flood coming into their houses. In physical training, walls are there to train persons to overcome the challenge.  Sometimes, alone, sometimes in a team. Joshua was leading the people to conquer Jericho, he and the team have to…

  • Kempen Masyarakat Penyayang Ayam Brand Sampai Di Kelantan

    Ayam Brand, satu jenama yang tidak asing lagi di Malaysia selama 120 tahun dan terkenal dengan pelbagai produk makanan dalam tin yang mudah di sediakan, sihat, berkhasiat, tidak mengandungi tambahan bahan pengawet dan tiada MSG, memberikan satu permulaan yang baik untuk kanak-kanak kurang bernasib baik di badan-badan kebajikan di seluruh negara menerusi Kempen Masyarakat Penyayang Ayam Brand 2012. Majlis pelancarannya diadakan di Yayasan Kebajikan Anak-Anak Yatim (YAATIM) Kelantan, hari ini. Kini, dalam tahun kelimanya, Kempen Masyarakat Penyayang Ayam Brand akan memberikan sumbangan berbentuk produk makanan dalam tin yang sihat dan mudah disediakan selama dua bulan kepada 43 rumah-rumah kebajikan di 10 wilayah di Malaysia yang merangkumi lebih dari 2,000 kanak-kanak…