• Why I stay away from having Italian food in Malaysian’s restaurant

    As a restaurant started by 2 well known and respectable personnel in the industry, I believe entrepreneurs could do well when they differentiate in terms of food quality, ambient of the venues as well as great services. Customer willingly to pay top dollar and get through the tedious reservation process, so to taste the great food and services. Speaking for STRATO, our experience speaks other wise. While I read some bad reviews on TripAdvisor about the other restaurants at Troika Sky Dining, I have been to Cantalopue twice, both have been great, while I feel the carpet or flooring could have been furnished with something newer during my visits. Perhaps…

  • There Are Days Impossible Becomes Possible

    I have not been to KLCC Park for some time. Mainly I do not have the time neither the convenience, because the twins had many Saturdays that they do not have schools. Anyway, these 2 weeks, they would have schools on Saturday and I took one of the Saturdays to visit the KLCC Park, and of course to run.

  • Taking pictures

    Did not go for the usual run on Saturday after sending the twins to school.  But, went for a walk with my camera instead. 

  • Ayam Brand ‘Tasty Fish, Healthy Diet’ Campaign for Charity 2013 Finale

    Ayam Brand, a household name in Malaysia for more than 120 years, famed for its wide range of nutritious, no-added preservative and no-added MSG canned food products is on a mission to help more people, beginning with the underprivileged, rediscover the great taste, convenience and nutritional benefits of fish through its ‘Tasty Fish, Healthy Diet’ Community Care Campaign 2013. Now in its sixth consecutive year, the Ayam Brand Community Care CSR campaign will see contribution of its products sufficient for daily consumption of two months for all residents at 45 charity homes across ten regions in East & West Malaysia, providing more than 2,200 underprivileged children, disabled and the elderly…

  • Pay attention to the surrounding, so much to hear & learn

    Was tasked to fetch a foreign guest for a media interview last Friday. The traffic in KLCC was terribly mad. We were late, the foreign guest went mumbling.  I ignored. Started talking about what he will be talking about during the interview etc. We kept talking about many things and one thing that really my attention was his business philosophy. I can not share the content since it was for our ears only. Just need to pay attention to the surrounding, never know what we may hear. Cheers.  

  • Covering 12km of KL, 4 times

    The first time we rode in Kuala Lumpur City Centre was in 2011, when Redza organised the ride of Chinese New Year.  That was also the time I met Zafuan and his dear wife, KZ.  We went again to Kuala Lumpur City Center and surrounding as well as Stadium Merdeka (you can search my blog for these entries with the keywords – ride, cycling.  These rides were done before Perhimpunan 112, and we are truly glad that we brought our sons to the memorable venue) during the Hari Raya in 2012, again organised by Redza and I met Zafuan, KZ, Raymond and the rest again. Well, this time round, we…

  • Tour de KL [Raya Edition]

    Thanks to Redza Ibrahim for the suggestion to ride in the Kuala Lumpur city centre, of which on normal days, must be crazily mad to actually do that [other than Share our Road, of which was possible, thanks to the organizer and traffic police, but no thanks to some idiotic cyclists whom tried to be heroes by overtaking the marshals]. Redza planned similar ride during the first day of Chinese New Year, of which we had such a great time. Back to today’s ride. We started at 7am, rolling from Bank of China open car park, also which is right in front of Boh Plantation Berhad office.  Assembled and pictures…