• World Class, Low Class

    I seldom travel abroad, normally when there is such opportunity, it is for family trip. We love traveling abroad, not because we do not find any where interesting to visit in Malaysia, in fact we cover many places in our beloved country from time to time, the one we all love the most – Penang. So, coming back on the traveling, why I brought this up, simply, I noticed how bad our international airports are, as compares to the other countries, which I have been to. 

  • Beware of Risks of Parking Your Beloved Car @ KLIA2

    After the incident of our car fuel tank cable being pulled off while we left our car at KLIA2 car park B level CP7 for 3 days which I shared it on social media, I just got the shocking revelation from some friends that this is actually the work of a group of syndicate. Here is how they will approach their planned victims.

  • Sick Minds @ KLIA2

    Instead of taking a cab to KLIA2, we decided to drive there. Maybe that was a bad decision, however, which proven to be right.