• Lip Hop protects you from the ray, so you can play!

    Suncare protection just got a fun upgrade with the launch of Lip Hop, a new line of suncare essentials by Guardian. This range is dermatologically tested and proven by health and beauty expert Guardian to provide year-round protection and relief for wherever the sun shines — with innovative formulations to simultaneously benefit the skin. Formulated and made in Korea*, the Lip Hop range comprises convenient, fun and efficacious suncare solutions.

  • Don’t let go, you got the music in you

    Listening to New Radicals’ You Get What You Give, the chorus is always encouraging.  When you feel your dream is dying, hold, you got the music in you, don’t let go. I want to share some lessons I learn from Taekwondo and cycling.  The lesson could be contradictory, but they probably drives us to the same goal.  I mean what we want to achieve.

  • Guardian首次推出双重高效面膜系列,功效远远超越普通面膜


  • Man of Principle

    There was a Columbian movie with that name, talking about 2 political parties fought a series of civil wars, with almost 100 years of bloodshed in the country.  Of course the story then led to assassination etc. I recently also encountered an incident related to ‘Man of Principle’ myself.  I was taken a back when this sentence was mentioned to me, “I am a man with principle.”  Because it got me to think what would the content of principle be.  I really curious to know. According to Oxford dictionary, principle is a rule or belief governing one’s behaviour, when it is a noun, then it is morally correct behaviour and attitudes.…