• Visiting Kota Bharu for 7 Hours

    Went to Kota Bharu, Kelantan for a work trip on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 with my colleague and clients. The last time when I was there, 2015.  The place, has not changed at all.  No traffic jam, neither the roads are busy. And, I have not learn any single Kelantanese dialect 🙂 The tasty food, warm people, remain the same as every time when I visit Kelantan. 

  • Thanks Ang 謝謝维聪

    Special thanks to 维聪, the officer-in-charge of Sin Chew Daily Kelantan Bureau, for giving me this very valuable biography of Chin Peng (陳平) during my visit to Kota Bahru for Ayam Brand CSR activity. The content is valuable from the historical point of view.  More so, friendship with 维聪, Ustaz Hilmi and Abdul Rahman in Kota Bahru.  May God bless your soul, whereabout and family too.

  • Different Kota Bahru Scenery

    To share some of the pictures taken during a recent Ayam Brand media event in Kota Bahru.  While waiting for the event to start, I took some of the pictures around the host venue.

  • A Community Programme in Kota Bahru

    Ayam Brand, a household name in Malaysia for 117 years for its wide range of nutritious, preservative-free and MSG-free canned food products will support approximately 1,600 children, disabled and old folks from 30 charity homes with nutritious meals for two months through its Community Care Campaign 2009. The Ayam Brand Community Care Campaign 2009 will benefit charity organizations across 9 regions, with the East Coast (Kelantan and Terengganu) being the first region to receive support. The launch in Kelantan was held at Majlis Pemulihan Negeri Kelantan, here today.

  • Kota Bahru, after 9 years

    I first visited Kota Bahru when I was like 5 or 6, while my father was making his business trip to East Coast.  Not much memory until our honey moon to Kota Bahru about 9 years ago where Kelantan has been an opposition state.  The only thing that I got used to was the Q at the cashier or counter – lanes for male and female. Back again today and found that only one changed to the Kota Bahru town that I could recognise – the food court or night market next to Pasar Khatijah is no longer there but it will be occupied by Kota Bahru Trade Centre.