• The 9th CSR Initiative for Ayam Brand in Sarawak

    It is the 8th CSR initiative to take place in Sarawak and it is good to be back again with the Ayam Brand team to work on the annual campaign to give back to the community. This time round, we will be traveling to East Malaysia, with some rather extensive schedule.  Yep, why I said extensive, because it would have been over 3 locations, in 3 days.  In the past, we used to do 2 locations over 3-4 days. So this year we worked with The Coffee Factory crew to setup the locations for this media event. It is good to meet some of the homes whom were the recipients…

  • TOP在PERYATIM举办乐趣无限、充满教育意义的开斋节开放日

    由日本狮王公司研发的TOP洗衣剂,被誉为马来西亚排名第一的洗衣剂品牌[1]。今与马来西亚首一的国语电台ERA.fm携手合作,在Lembaga Kebajikan Anak-Anak Yatim Negeri Sarawak (PERYATIM)举办欢乐无限、有名人烹调及备办美食、极富教育意义的开斋节开放日。 来自PERYATIM逾170名的儿童,欢享了一个下午的活动,包括玩游戏、参加问答比赛、TOP洗衣挑战赛及享受ERA fm工作人员呈献的原声音乐表演。

  • Antabax、卫生部和教育部通过全国卫生运动及CLAP竞赛, 联手减缓砂拉越手足口症的蔓延

    根据报告,马来西亚从今年1月至4月11日共接获1万3497宗手足口症(HFMD)的病例,平均每周接获964宗。其中,砂拉越病例冠全国,高达6333宗,接下来是雪兰莪(2727宗)、柔佛(919宗)、吉隆坡(661宗)、霹雳(642宗)及沙巴(593宗)[1]。 虽然HFMD疫情目前已稳定,然而若采取适当的备灾和防范措施,相信将有助于改善疫情。

  • ALCATEL ONETOUCH Introduces IDOL X and IDOL MINI in Sarawak

    ALCATEL ONETOUCH’s flagship smartphone, the ONETOUCH IDOL X has answered the call for a head-turning phone that is jam-packed with power.  This is the smartphone for those that value good taste, great design and want to have the best in performance too. From the beautifully 5” Full HD IPS screen to the incredibly slim body and quad-core 1.5 GHz processor, this phone is a complete package which is as smooth on the inside as it is on the outside. The ONETOUCH IDOL X sparks curiosity. A visual seductress from afar it doesn’t disappoint up close. This piece of refined craftsmanship challenges the structural limits, the 5” Full HD edge-to-edge display was…

  • Pull, Man, Push Man

    I was in Kuching last Friday for a short stay, really short, less than 20 hours, as do not want to miss daughter’s birthday on the next day. A small customer get together session was organised by About Communication for our client – OSRAM Malaysia, the lighting specialist from Germany. Prior to the meeting, we have been communicating with the Pullman banquet sales team and most of the time, we sent in our request via email and followed by phone calls.  The Pullman banquet sales team was most of the time rather slow in getting back.  Slow, like in terms 1 or 2 days for something really simple.  Like signage.…

  • ABCs Against HFMD

    The first seven weeks of 2012 saw the drastic increase in the number of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) in Sarawak – 806[1] cases were reported compared to 213 cases for the same period last year, amounting to a four-fold increase. Reported cases rose significantly in the first week of March 2012 with 1,771[2] cases resulting in 27 schools, pre-schools and child-care centres in Sarawak being temporarily closed to contain the outbreak. Antabax, an antibacterial personal care range in collaboration with the Ministry of Health Malaysia have introduced the ‘Antabax Backs Communities Against HFMD’ (ABCs Against HFMD) education andawareness campaign as a direct response to the HFMD outbreak.

  • Almost an incident of IMF-DSK

    In my recent stay in 360Xpress City Centre Kuching (hotel booking not by me), almost had a short IMF-DSK moment. From high occupancy, no room, to then room is available upon arrival and later check-in, this would probably be the last time I would want to stay in this, if it is a hotel at all. Upon entering the room, I locked the door and then setting my MBP on the tiny desk.  Someone opened the door with the master key.  He was trying to come in, and I was sitting next to the door, that was where the tiny desk located.

  • Antabax Launches ‘Back to School – Prepared & Vigilant’ Education

    With the beginning of the new school term students and parents are urged to be prepared and vigilant against common viral illness among young children such hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), Enterovirus 71, influenza and food poisoning by practicing proper hand hygiene as a means of reducing the risk of transmission to themselves, their families and the community at large. In association with the Ministry of Health Malaysia, the Antabax antibacterial range launched the ‘Back to School – Prepared and Vigilant’ awareness and education campaign that will benefit nine primary schools in Kuching, Miri and Sibu, reaching a total of more than 8,700 students.  The launch was held at…