Day Trip. Ipoh.

The trip was short, less than 5 hours in Ipoh, and we were out. We were there for Ayam Brand. During lunch, I walked about the area where we were at, Jalan Sambanthan, kind of historic. I was mistaken as Korean and then Japanese during the walk about. The owners of the shops were happy […]

Leica D-LUX.

Somethings happened by chance, just like us meeting Leica, and then owning one, and love using it.  We attended a customer dinner hosted by the bank, while many things there were from Germany, including the BMW, handbags, luxury products etc, not many visited Leica, so we did, since I love taking photographs.  The product specialist […]


Two weeks ago, we attended a dinner hosted by OCBC Premier Banking, and many OCBC partners were there to showcase their services and products.  The most talk about – none other than the BMW i8, which was on exhibit for the customers to take picture with.  I did not.  I dislike BMW. We visited Leica […]