• We joined #joywithsharoncalli

    We love writing. Maybe not in the calligraphy style. We just love to write. When I decided to get the iPad Pro 2 years back, I was contemplating whether I should add Apple Pencil, anyway, I did. So I used the Apple Pencil to take notes during the meetings with clients, as well as learning. Talking about learning, yes, Retna and I will register for things to learn. Today, we did some learning on copperplate calligraphy, organised by CzipLee, taught by @joychong and @ronnycakes. The lesson started quite on time, where the reminder email informed the participants to turn up by 1000, and guess what, we started before 1030 (the…

  • Irk-glish Class, Anyone?

    Received a new English course registration form from our son.  Our in-house English teacher went through the registration form, she circled the mistakes on the registration form.  Maybe the SJK (C) Ladang Harcroft PIBG sub-committee has yet to go through the registration information and form and yet releasing it to the students, later to the parent – suggestion to them, please vet through first to avoid embarrassment.