• It’s good to be still alive

    Last Friday, I accidentally dropped a metal furniture on my right toe. The pain was severe, I sought medical help, treated with some pain killer.  I went home and then to work without able to control the pain, was really bad. Fast forward to 6 days later, I could feel slight pain, but I think the toe is slowly recovering.  I missed my routine exercise, but what the heck, I could still do exercise that does not require my toe to be involved. On the toe accident, I just want to reflect a moment in my life how I could possibly loose my life, just like how a metal furniture…

  • Temptations

    I was approached by some Taiwanese asking if I am a hairstylist. I said, "Barber." #Taipei #Taiwan #MRT A post shared by Samuel Tan (@hisamueltan) on Feb 25, 2016 at 4:43am PST Recently in a Uber ride, I was asked an interesting question by the driver. “Have you tried to have sex with any other woman other than your wife?” “Have you thought of having sex with other women after you married your wife?” I am not going to share the replies here, LOL. Go, imagine my replies 🙂 What I want to highlight is that, why men or even women could not handle temptation.

  • #LifeWithMetalMY

    Started working on a client’s project and wish to share a mini contest organised by the client in my blog. Flash, a brand belongs to TCL, which also owns the Alcatel brand, is organising a contest to reward the customers with the latest flagship smartphone, which will be coming, soon. Themed with ‘metal’, so you could imagine, what type of exciting smartphone that would be. Here are some of my entries:- #lifewithmetalmy an evening with #BonIver #Taipei #Taiwan flash3c.com/my/life-with-metal A post shared by Samuel Tan (@hisamueltan) on Mar 14, 2016 at 6:06pm PDT   My #LifeWithMetalMY The Secret Work Tool. www.flash3c.com/my/life-with-metal/ @flash_malaysia A post shared by Samuel Tan (@hisamueltan) on…

  • ‘Life Hacks’ on Cooking, Home-keeping and Nutrition Tips

    Ayam Brand™, famed for its wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative-free canned products, has compiled a list of essential cooking, home-keeping and nutrition ‘life hacks’ to make the experience of cooking and eating at home easier, more productive and more nutritious.

  • Side Effect of Evangelism, If Done Wrongly

    Bro Benny Ong of Life Planning Associates shared on Sunday about something on evangelism that believing and accepting Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior would means problem and trouble free.  So one would choose to ask, why should believe in Jesus Christ?  Why not believe in people, money or just anything that could comfort a person? Bro Benny Ong also shared that when one has too much money, the person would accumulated even more problems. What is your view on this?  Please share it in the comment section? BTW, one thing many students in the Spiritual Growth II class found rather irrelevant was when the facilitator shared how prosperous…