• Learning Living Skills

    I was talking to our twins about the content of the Living Skill class they have in their study syllabus, aka Kemahiran Hidup. The session is good and I think the syllabus should include the following:- Basic house cleaning.  This is an important skill which I think most teens now are not aware how to perform such duties or house chores, as they are generally assisted by their parents, grandparents, or worst of all – maids.  I could see how our neighbours grown up teens and some adults unable to do such house chores while they remain living with their parents. Food preparation.  I think including myself is to be…

  • Ayam Brand Encourages A Head Start For Children Through A Healthier Diet

    Ayam Brand, a household name in Malaysia for more than 120 years for its quality canned foods that are preservative-free and have no added MSG is consistently encouraging a head start for children and adults through a healthier diet. The brand has proven that quality canned food can be part of a healthier diet by working with professional bodies, schools, charity homes and edutainment centers to promote and develop healthy eating habits among children, and to encourage parents and caregivers to make better food choices for their charges.

  • WWF-Malaysia & World Vision Benefit from BROS Care

    In conjunction with the launch and as part of its BROS Care corporate social responsibility programme, BROS made charitable contribution to World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Malaysia for environmental awareness related to the NGO’s turtle conservation programme and to World Vision Malaysia for sustainable community development.

  • Design Bottles, Anyone?

    Hydration is a buzz word in beauty and in good health, but getting enough to drink daily boils down to accessibility, too.  Which is why the BROS 09/10 designer water bottle collection is a must have for anyone and everyone. As the leading water bottle specialist in Malaysia, BROS has been championing the use of reusable beverage containers to help people get hydrated and to reduce environmental waste in the form of disposable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles since the brand was established in 2004. The brand’s has chalked up another first with the introduction of the first made in Malaysia Bisphenol-A (BPA)-free reusable water bottle under its MATTE range.   Other…