• Stealing Technique.

    I have the Leica D-LUX for more than 1 year now.  When I look at the pictures I have taken when we first got the camera, maybe not use to the feature, capabilities etc, so most pictures I have take may not be nice, at all. Thanks to the few photowalks and lessons I attended organised by media as well as Leica team in Malaysia, I gained some new insights into how to take story telling pictures. There were times when I traveled for work, I could stop myself from walking out from the lunch break with clients to have some time to snap pictures of the places and people.…

  • I took the train

    Last Saturday was MobileFest meet, a mostly once a month meet for the tech geek, which I did not realise we have been doing it for the past 7 years, wow. So this time round, we had the meet at Evolve Concept Mall, Ara Damansara.  And since it is a Saturday, I decided not to drive there, which I think I should have.  And used the train. Retna sent me to LRT station at Bandar Puchong Jaya, which I hopped on the train line towards Putra Heights, where the transit point for the Gombak Line, i.e. heading to Ara Damansara, KLCC and ends at Gombak. First impression about the stations,…

  • Save, Save & Save

    RapidKL, owned by Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, asset owner and operator of the country’s two LRT networks and the KL Monorail; in addition to the bus services of RapidKL, RapidPenang and RapidKuantan, been around since 1998.  I think the first time I took a LRT train was during the Commonwealth Game around the same time. Many years passed and now our twins are taking the RapidKL – be it the LRT or the bus on regular basis. When we first approached RapidKL LRT station counter asking about the student card, we were told to buy the the Rapid card, which is RM100 per month for unlimited ride, which since I do not…

  • Training 101

    It’s hard to train, more so when we are training on a train. Took the twins on their public transport training – the train. 

  • Why Public Transport May Not Work Well Here

    Ever since I have started using FitBit to track my daily activities, I beginning to be more concern about moving around more often than sitting on a chair, seat, driving etc. So whenever I have meetings in town, I will trouble Retna or any of the aboutcom staff to send me to the nearest LRT station, so I could enjoy the standing, walking as well as fruitful meetings.