• We Are Family

    “What if there was a place you could go where there was no TV? And whoever you were sitting with was family?” That was the line by Peggy while she was preparing the pitch for the Burger Chef.  I kind of like the idea of no TV, as most of the restaurant tend to have TVs on, of which the kids would be starring on the screen instead of having conversation with the parents. Rather irritating?  No?

  • Lunch with Mom

    We arranged with our mom for lunch on Saturday at Sungei Wang, mainly to take mom away from her regular eat out places, so we picked U Cafe of which is located at the Lower Ground Floor or sometimes known as Basement 1. Mom likes carrot milk with her meal, Retna and I shared the bottomless watermelon juice.  We ordered Curry Fish Head, Bean Sprout with Salted Fish, BBQ Honey Beef and Marmite Chicken.  Ariel had Chicken Pasta and Elijah had his favorite Fish and Chips. The serving was rather generous and fast. I have eaten there once with Ariel some time back when it has the afternoon tea promotion…

  • Eating Out (Current Economy Environment)

    In the current economy environment, eating out daily like us can be a major financial burden. However, when challenges arise, one would stood to withstand it or simply let it eat into one, however, I choose the first option. Eating out with tasty yet healthy food is quite possible in Puchong. Let’s find out how.

  • Laugh of the Day

    While having lunch with the boys earlier, I saw an elderly man sitting across us.  Did not pay much attention as was talking to the boys, but his t-shirt does attract me a bit.  It says, “ask me how to pick up chicks at airport” Another one that shared by Retna while having breakfast – “Well, there’s our brochure and if you can make it, worship service is Sunday at 11:00.  I’ll be praying for you.” Have a great time at work.