• MYOB, Life is Happier When We Mind Our Own

    Weekend is here. Quite a fruitful week thus far.  Have few positive news about the projects, which is encouraging to the company. Family wise, also going well, although still need some time for the kids to adjust to handling the family, household together, instead of relying on a maid.  Well, I think that, generally would be the problem for most families in Malaysia with maids. I hear you 🙂

  • The Mystery of Inez Disappearance

    Ephesians 3:13 speaks that, “Therefore I ask that you do not lose heart at my tribulations for you, which is your glory.” I could not imagine what has happened to Inez in that 2 hours but I for sure know that God has protected her. She came home safely. I remember sermon preached by Senior Pastor Dr. Chew Weng Chee that Sunday we are normally charged up, but when Monday comes, we are defeated. Seriously I had a pretty good Monday as work and business deals went well. But I did not expect to go through what Senior Pastor Dr. Chew has shared so fast. But I remember not to…

  • Care that cross generation, and came back

    I remembered when I had my chicken pox when I was 21, my mother went to the family clinic and invited the doctor to come over, as I had very high fever.  The doctor said to me, “Event though you are already big, you still need your mother’s pampering.  But, she loves you.” When I was crossing the road (before the age of ten), she will be holding my hands as well as my elder brother’s hand.  When our father was disciplining us with rotan, my mother used her body to protect us. 

  • So, this was the cause of the morning haze

    While still very much talk going on the Indonesian maids to Malaysia, I suggest that the Malaysian government should consider having the haze as the bargaining chip when in talk with Indonesian government – “Handle the haze or else all Indonesian maids will be deported,” With the increase cases of maids abused or murdered the employers in countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong, one should begin to doubt maybe it is not such a great idea to bring these maids to the country.

  • Good News, Muslim Employers for Indonesian Maids

    Bocehe Dewe Association has suggested that only Malaysian Muslim can employ and apply for Indonesian maids.  However, this is only possible for Muslim maids, as there are many non-Muslim Indonesian maids in Malaysia. I see it as good news. Thanks for this great suggestion.

  • Don’t Come, We Are Happy Without You

    Read Sin Chew Daily this morning about the Indonesian authority is considering stop exporting Indonesian maids to Malaysian.  This is one of the step that Indonesian authority might decide to take after many incidents of Indonesian maids being physically tortured and abused during their tenure in Malaysia.  Persatuan Agensi Pembantu Rumah Asing Malaysia (PAPA) had a dialog recently and will be proposing that all employers of Indonesian maids to undergo classes prior to employing and applying a foreign maid. The PAPA suggestion reminds me of an interesting example for Ferrari owner before buying one, as would be required to learn how to handle the car first.  So, now we are…

  • While You Were Out….

    Dear neighbors, I know we have not talked before nor we know each other.  But I decided to share my observation with you, especially while you were out of your house to work. Your little angels (children) were taken care by your Indonesian helper.  Knowing that it is rather impossible to survive with just one person’s coming back with paid check everyone, maid sounds like a good idea. But, what I observed and about to share with you would not be a shock to you as you might be fully aware of the risks when you left your children with a non-family, that you barely know.