• RM1 Food Fair, My First

    Kimball, a household name in sauces for more than 40 years in Malaysia held its first one-day picnic-in-the-park styled food fest that added drama to the ‘good food’ list of foodies, families and fans in the Klang Valley, at Setia City Park, Shah Alam, today. Thousands of people tucked into a variety of Kimball-icious dishes, as Pesta Makan-Makan Kimball made a dramatically delicious debut.

  • M3 Mall重新定义鹅麦的零售、餐饮及活动景观

    M3 Mall是鹅麦最新近的广场,旨在重新定义当地的零售、餐饮和活动景观。此广场的媒体和零售商预览活动,今天由吉隆坡市长拿督哈芝莫哈默阿敏诺丁推介。 坐落在鹅麦的M3 Mall是由Gerbang Mekar有限公司在吉隆坡市政厅倡议下,所进行的城市重建计划,也是在2020年吉隆坡结构计划下的旺沙玛珠-马鲁里区城市重建的焦点。

  • My Little Green Initiative

    Have seen both @jeffsandhu & @Sookk80 using the Apple rechargeable batteries for some time now.  I thought the price point of RM129 was a bit too high for 6 battery pack.  Anyway, I bought 3 sets of Energizer mid of this year and found the charging time was rather long, in fact, 18 hours, minimum. So, I started to look for something else, which could charge less hours (again, it is another green initiative by itself), and I could use it longer, after a single charge. When I read that Apple batteries only required 6 hours to charge, I would give it a try, finally. 

  • When Everyone Gets Back to Work (or not yet)

    Most people would have ended their Raya holiday and get back to school or work.  Just that some have yet to be ready to get back to work – IOI Mall parking team. The parking ticket was not readable throughout the complex and most of the parking ticket dispensing machines were malfunction, indicating, perhaps the parking team might be slowly on their holiday – taking after the busy period. I was at the parking exit lot for over 10 minutes waiting for any assistance after my workout at Fitness First. Well, everyone needs a break 🙂

  • Importance of First Aid (still mean nothing if not going to help)

    “Why do we need to learn first aid at our work place?” an executive asked the manager. “It is to prepare for the unforeseen circumstance when something happened to someone, or someone simply gone into unconsciousness and with the first aid skill, you would be prepared or at least provide little help you could to preserve life.” the manager explained. While rushing to my first Fitness First personal training session, I was shocked at the lift on ground floor (which is next to TGIF), IOI Mall personnel did not provide any aid or assistance to a person who was having fit and was struggling on the floor.