• Smart Devices

    I wear both FitBit Charge HR as well as Apple Watch on both my wrists. Crazy about tracking?  I was actually being asked several times, at work especially when meeting the clients.  I shared with them that FitBit gives me the advantage of competing with my friends on the daily goals.  Apple Watch, kind of hard not to have it now, since I could read the push notifications on my wrist.

  • MetaWatch Now Supports Gmail Notification

    Sometimes, it is better be late, than never. MetaWatch developer team releases the latest updates to its MetaWatch Manager app on iOS on February 16, 2013.  This update came to me when I was at a church service. Updated it immediately and the ‘separation line’ bug has been removed.  And Gmail notification is now available on MetaWatch.  It is not really a push notification, but rather pull, every 15 minutes. Looks like the Twitter and Facebook notifications are up next. And still no sign of the running, cycling to be incorporated into MetaWatch. Well.

  • Phone Companion, MetaWatch

    Had received complains from my dear, that I have been a real geek. Yep, I confess.  I am a geek.  I love technology that makes life better.  Well, of course, if only items that I could afford. I have met Dr. Alan Teh and Kevin, whom both have watches that they could make phone calls.  Quite fascinated with such watch.  I always think that there could be more for a watch, then just telling the time, chronograph, alarm etc. Dr. Teh actually demonstrated a watch which he used at work, that he could receive and make calls, and receive and send text messages which he got from Lelong.  The watch…