• Further Testing the Surface Pro 3

    I love the Surface Pro 3. But I find the Type Cover, the Surface Pro 3 connected keyboard kind of hard to get used to, especially the TouchPad, no where it is as great as the TouchPad on a MacBook.

  • Ok, I switched, rather trying something new, not totally new, I mean something I used to hate, then now I am trying it again

    Ok, that must be the longest title of the blog entry I ever have, wanting to reduce it, but what the heck.  It just says what I wanted to say in the simplest way ever. I started using computer when I was in the college, yep, not really early, as parents could not afford a RM4k+ machine, with that money, they rather spent it on our education and perhaps food, which, is a good move.  I would do likewise, now I am in a parent’s shoe.

  • Meeting Surface @ MobileFest December Christmas Meet

    I remember RIM, the maker of RIM mentioned that it is focusing on the enterprise users with BB10, probably there is where the money is, guess Microsoft is heading there with its Surface, the first tablet made by Microsoft. I forgot to check with Dr. Jim Loi, the owner of Surface, whether it is a RT or Windows 8 Pro that he got. First impression, it is compact, feels about the same weight as iPad.  But one thing which Microsoft has right, is the detachable screen cover and keyboard, which I am thinking how come none of the iPad manufacturer has thought of this for the iPad, iPad Mini?  Or…

  • Attending My First IT Giant Event (non aboutcom)

    My first ever media review, cost me some pain (and hair too). Thanks Asohan, for the invitation to attend Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 earlier.  Besides got to learn about the Office for Mac 2011 (which I like some of the features such as broadcast slideshow and Outlook for Mac, still I like Mac Mail for time being), I got to meet some of the media friends, and off course to have first hand experience of Office for Mac 2011.

  • Microsoft Office: Mac 2011, Finally Here

    Microsoft Malaysia announced the availability of Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 today, the next version of the leading productivity suite for Macintosh computers. Malaysians can now purchase two editions of Office 2011 – Office for Mac Home and Student 2011, and Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 from retailers around the country. “After over 3 years in development, with a team of more than 200 developers and a multitude of feedback from users all around the world, the end result we see today is the best productivity tool available for Mac users,” said Vosen Chong, Product Manager for Windows & Office at Retail Sales & Marketing Division, Microsoft Southeast…

  • Is it coming? And, do I need it?

    After many years of Microsoft trying to convince the users about the tablet PC of which at once Fujitsu was on the forefront leading the industry with its innovative tablet flagship, and HP too.  I remember many MyPDACafe members and fans brought these along in the Beamfest many years ago.  True, it was many years ago, as Elijah and Ariel were still learning to walk. However, Apple tends to change the way how the industry with its iPod, iPhone then multi touch MacBooks. Looking forward to Apple’s announcement on 26 this month.

  • My Top 5 Treat List

    After Inez joins our family of four, now five, Retna and I have been thinking about how we could treat the family.  For now, the top treat list I have would be to get an ASIMO from Honda (if it is available, last I checked, not yet) for the family in handling the daily routine of cleaning, keeping the house in order.  Wonder if we could programme ASIMO to prepare simple meal, like what she could learn from Ayam Brand 🙂 While waiting for Beng for his wedding, we are thinking of taking everyone to Langkawi for a short stay, perhaps after Inez is slightly older.  The last stay at…