• Holding on to your kids, never let go

    Visited the Global Indian Fair with our kids on Sunday morning, which was held at Mid Valley Exhibition centre, it was a 4 days event, which normally attract many patrons to the fair.  Other than Chinese, the fair was visited by many Chinese, Malay as well as expatriates. This was the third or fourth visit to this annual fair. The Sunday visit also marked the first ever horror experience at the fair. 

  • Antabax Protects Maybank Treats Fair

    Antabax reached another milestone in the fight against germs by protecting visitors to the annual Maybank Treats Fair with its Gift of Health and Hygiene campaign at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. Antabax ambassador, award-winning singer, actress and entrepreneur, Ziana Zain was present to delight the crowd with a powerhouse performance. Fans of the lovely entertainer flooded the event for a charity photograph session, with each photograph raising 2,000 Maybank treats points that will be donated to the Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT).

  • Short Trip to Town, Fun

    Ever since we moved to Puchong, going to town is like when work required or we really wanted to be there – food, tech gadgets related or simply to meet family members, friends.  Before dinner, Retna told me that she wanted to take me to Robinson @ Gardens as she wanted to get me a birthday present. So we went there after putting daughter to bed and having two sons to complete their home work.  Gardens, here we come. Retna found the birthday gift and we headed home.  We were in the lift with a young couple, which we later met again at Snowflakes.  Interesting right?  This could only conclude…

  • How iPad2 craze has reached the church

    “Is that an iPad2?” senior pastor asked me this morning while at church. “It is iPad, first generation.” I replied. “Is that an iPad2?” a senior church leader asked. “No.  Still using iPad, first generation.” I answered. “Do you know how Pastor XXX (to remain anonymous so to maintain the integrity of the said person) got his iPad2?” one asked me. “He saw the long waiting line and went straight to Machines at Mid Valley and told the shop assistant that he wanted to launch a complaint about the way how they handle the sales resulted long waiting line.  Do you expect a 70+ man to stand in line to buy an…

  • Baby Shopping

    After visiting Malaysia IT Fair on Sunday, we walked about Mid Valley to look for Baby Inez new car seat, to replace her brother’s Maxi Cosi, which is like coming to 10 years now. We still haven’t found the right car seat as Maxi Cosi is still very expensive in Malaysia (our twins last car seats were bought in Singapore for one third of the price here).  But, our twins suggested to Baby Inez a backpack, with harness. We tried it after dinner at Food Garden, however, Baby Inez managed to ‘escape’ herself from the harness in like, less than 15 seconds.  Some of the Food Garden patrons were simply…

  • Start 2011 with A Bang at Malaysia IT Fair

    You did read correctly! The 1st Malaysia IT Fair 2011 will offer visitors the opportunity to bid for their favorite digital products including iPads*, branded laptops, digital cameras, smart phones and much more beginning at just RM1. Be the first to lay hands on the coolest tech gear at the first major technology fair of 2011.  

  • Something happened on the way to heaven

    Phil Collins was one of the male singers that I still listened to today.  Something happen on the way to heaven was one of them. Few days ago, that was happened to the blog.  However, the issue has been resolved by Embun, SKALI team, after a short chat with the boss during a recent open house. 2 entries I like very much would need to be written again, but, with God’s given strength, I should be able to complete the tasks.

  • What I have gained this weekend

    I saved yet another RM12 this week from the DIY car wash, except today I have Neong, our new Cambodian helper assisted me.  Also was a good opportunity for me to show her how we like the car to be washed. Then we showed her the baby bathing, clothes folding, cleaning etc.  Although language is still the major barrier, but we will overcome it slowly.  This reminds me of the speaking of Mandarin with the sons, slowly they learn the language very well. An interesting observation while in the lift heading to car park at Gardens Mid Valley yesterday reviewed how much some people know so much about the Apple…