• Meet

    I love the pictures taken with Leica. I will share the story of Leica in a different blog update. The human elements as well as the details of scenery are just so amazing with Leica. So, coming back to MobileFest meet. I have been involved with organising meetings such as MobileFest for some years, scary enough, 7 years.  Started with just organising meetings for MyPDACafe, then the site shut down (sad case), resulted us to start MobileFest. We had been invited by many brands to meet, however, I think over time, the meet format needs to be evolved with time, or else it would be – history. Each and every…

  • Let’s Come Here and Talk Tech

    After some months, a really long one, like more than a year, I guess, we held a meet up at Teh Tarik Place @ Citta Mall on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Good to meet the familiar faces of Alan, Ian, Kevin and Benny (whom came with his spouse for a day trip).  We are glad to meet Emmanuel, Hafiz, Loy and BC (or KC) joining us for the first time. We had some fun time with the 360 cameras, VR gear as well as augmented reality shared by Loy, an app developer.

  • Enter The Goat Year in MobileFest Style

    The Year of the Goat MobileFest meet just took place yesterday. We have mainly the wearables in this meet, same as the last meet and the previous one.  This is the trend, how technology evolve.  Perhaps in the next one or two meets, we would be talking about technology implanting 🙂 

  • Yet, another fun filled MobileFest meet

    Technology alone is not fun, until someone comes and shares the joy of using the technology for some real purposes in life.  Agree? It was great to meet all the hardcore technology enthusiasts a while ago in our October meet held at A&W PJ Drive Through, which will be demolish in December, which is like less than 2 months to go.

  • Meeting Old Friends + Gadgets, New Friends Too

    It’s the time of the month again. MobileFest, which is running for the 3rd year now, initiated and sustained by Dr. Teh, Khairul, Bernard and I.  Always fun to meet different friends and talk about new gadgets, mostly current and future gadgets to be released.  

  • Voopee Session, Truly Rewarding

    The feeling of after riding 56.5km in the morning, then heading home to shower, before sending Inez to her ballet class, subsequently getting everyone ready for @MyMobileFest and Inez’ sports day respectively, is just no joke.  Requires a lot of stamina, endurance to complete all tasks, to complete them well. Just like running @MyMobileFest, it has been 2.5 years now, if we do not maintain the consistency, we would be heading to the drain, soon.  I mean seriously, it is tiring and stressful to run a not-for-profit organisation with 400+ fans, yet not all of them are active, and many of them constantly critical on all things we are organising,…