• Smarter, or else Our Future Sucks

    Interesting sharing by Jeff Sandhu, Producer of BFM, ‘Why The Journey To Our Future Might Suck’.  We have so many faster and greater invention in technology but are the users are ready for all the latest invention, if they are not fully utilizing what are available?  Furthermore, some giant technology companies might not be progressing in technology, but the opposite. Bernard Yeoh of GoMobile as well as the core team member of MobileFest welcomed everyone with the introduction of the exhibition.  We really want to thank Bernard and his team for allowing us to host the meeting there. Dr. Alan Teh shared his passion on webOS, especially its gesture control.…

  • Modernly MobileFest

    Dr. Alan Teh, was concern about the traffic to town.  However, he reached pH PastryHouse, in shortest time.  Partly thanks to the many tolls he paid 🙂 pH PastryHouse, the venue for the MobileFest November Meet.  chef Joe, the co-owner of pH invited us way before his restaurant, cafe was ready.  We finally made it to his place, congratulations chef Joe and team.  What a wonderful venue, as some have commented, very ‘Australian’, up market etc. Despite the regular gadgets brought by all MobileFest friends, we treated ourselves with pastry, salad, pasta and bread from pH.

  • Life’s Good.

    “Hello MobileFest.” All MobileFest friends attended a special preview of LG 3D mobile technology showcase.  The event took place at LG Malaysia office, which is located in PJ8, a very wonderful office with nice setup. The meeting started with Joanne, the General Manager of Marketing welcomed all of us to the office and gave us a special briefing on its 3D technology.  Then, we were guided by the LG technical and product engineers on the 3D features.  The highlights being the PenTouch TV, which is recently available in Europe, US.  

  • Great MobileFest Oct Meet

    Just when many thought MacBook Air (MBA) is the slimmest in the notebook category, Acer, together with Intel launched Aspire S, which is the resemblance of MBA in terms of form factor, minus the software. 

  • webOS will rise again?

    I want to thank Dr. Alan Teh aka palmdoc, for sharing the Palm webOS developers programme with all of us during the MobileFest, held during GoMobile 2010.  I did two things that time – firstly, went to Expansys and bought the Palm Pre Plus.  Next, register myself to try out the online tools given by HP for the webOS development. Well, I have yet to develop any webOS app yet, but I have sold my Pre Plus. 

  • Many more things coming from P1

    LTE is coming to P1, number of subscribers, amount of millions that investors pumped into Packet One Network etc were among the information shared with the MobileFest friends attended the June meet at P1 Auditorium, Level 11 of Green Packet. I still remember passing by Green Packet office while I was staying in Taman Desa.  Have seen how this company has grown tremendously, especially after been awarded the WiMAX licence.  

  • Hello Arc!

    Before all of you would ask me (especially KT & Rick), “Wah, orang kaya, buying three phones.”  I did not buy these, nor Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is available in Malaysia :p Special thanks to Bernard, who has been very generous towards linking MobileFest to the brands that he works with.  After close to month of discussion and planning, MobileFest Meet for the month of March, we have Sony Ericsson to be with us.