• Bellroy Won’t Work Here

    The super thin and organised wallet from #Bellroy may not work well in Indonesia.  Look at the notes you have to carry, guess you need 2 or 3 Bellroy to get all of them organised.

  • Business with Our Sons

    I have been thinking of effective ways of “teaching one how to fish than handling over the fish” with our sons at eight. Both Retna and I are constantly worried that in times of our busy work schedule, we might have neglected in teaching them the skills that we have learn.  Or in fact with the little that their parents have known, we intend to pass on the knowledge to them from young.  Another concern we have after seeing many children at their age are unable to handle their own life – carrying school bags, bathing, eating, direction from places to places, knowing the people, praying etc.  We praise God…