• Me + My Mother

    Have you ever looked at your mum’s hands – all that hard work can leave her hands dry but filled with love. Botaneco Garden, a brand of delightful wholesome beauty products inspired by nature’s best; that is exclusively available at Guardian, is giving away 10 limited edition Botaneco Garden hand cream sets to pamper her precious hands through its “Botaneco Garden Mum + Me Mother’s Day Photo Contest X Guardian” to celebrate Mother’s Day with nature-inspired care and style. To show her your love, and our appreciation, there are also 10 uniquely designed 50gram bouquets that will be delivered to her, with a special card from you, and us. All…

  • It’s fucking sad to be old in Malaysia

    As the title of this blog says, it is. I was walking in city centre today, heading to a bank before meeting client and colleague for the meeting.  Many parts of the walk ways in city centre are seriously not senior citizen friendly, at all. For examples:- The heights of the pavement from the roads, require most with really strong knees to ‘climb’ over.  You generally can not step on, or off, because you need really strong knees to do so. Some parts with the slope to help the older folks to come down, instead of using the stairs, since they are not so friendly to their knees, are above…

  • MYOB, Life is Happier When We Mind Our Own

    Weekend is here. Quite a fruitful week thus far.  Have few positive news about the projects, which is encouraging to the company. Family wise, also going well, although still need some time for the kids to adjust to handling the family, household together, instead of relying on a maid.  Well, I think that, generally would be the problem for most families in Malaysia with maids. I hear you 🙂

  • Being parent

    I find it hard to celebrate parent’s day this year.  Mainly there were many traveling plans related to work that we have to attend to.  Nevertheless, I just want to share how important it it to be a parent.  I do not mean being a parent as married, getting pregnant, giving birth, raise the child et cetera.  But focusing on a parent that is able to raise the child up, then stop supplying, stop nagging, spoon feeding, advising constantly without letting the grown up child to decide, or simply continuously directing the child even though he or she already grown up.

  • Wait until Mom sees this

    I already knew what my mother will tell me, “Why waste money?  Some more I also don’t know how to use.  I don’t need it.” But one thing for sure, my mother will be surprised 🙂

  • Care that cross generation, and came back

    I remembered when I had my chicken pox when I was 21, my mother went to the family clinic and invited the doctor to come over, as I had very high fever.  The doctor said to me, “Event though you are already big, you still need your mother’s pampering.  But, she loves you.” When I was crossing the road (before the age of ten), she will be holding my hands as well as my elder brother’s hand.  When our father was disciplining us with rotan, my mother used her body to protect us. 

  • Are Children Commodities

    Knowing one of the media is writing the similar story about children at charity homes abandoned simply because parents have their own dreams.  The children told me, “Our parents treat us like commodities”.  When they need us, they keep us.  They left us here, when they do not need us anymore.” While I was still wondering why parents choose to have kids at the first place, the child continues, “My father left us because he found another women.  But now she has left him,” “Wait, wait, our mom also.  She has a boy friend and constantly told us how rich her new boyfriend is and will soon, soon one day…