• Predator

    Kaspersky Lab announces another partnership with 20th Century Fox for the  launch of a promotional campaign for the movie “The Predator”. Exciting prizes for the much-awaited sci-fi movie of 2018 are up for grabs in Kaspersky Lab’s “The Predator Promo” in Asia Pacific. The global cybersecurity company opens the promo for 11 countries in the APAC region including Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. 7 winners from the participating countries will get an experience of a lifetime to go on a Hollywood FOX Tour worth more than USD 8000, while 1000 other winners will receive Limited Edition Predator Gift sets…

  • Movies. Rewards. And More. What?? What More??

    I joined the TGV Movie Club.  I must say, I actually prefer TGV over GSC, even though the later is an associated company of my brother’s current work place. So, even in the family, we got to decide and choose what we like in life. Took up the membership from the TGV iOS app on my phone few days ago, as we wanted to watch The Hobbit – The Battle of Five Armies.  So, registered online, and then led to the online payment page of RM28.  Wanting to check what RM28 comprises of.  Nothing, no information whatsoever on the phone app. 

  • #YouDontHaveToGo #TheInterview

    Watched The Interview this morning, after most people may have watched it few hours before me. Before I move on, this is not really a great movie.  I mean, it is a cheap comedy, which does not require a lot of intelligent to digest the overall movie content.  Like so long you know the porn, profanity, you are set for this movie. You probably do not need to read any history or background of North Korea. Yep, that is The Interview. 

  • Antabax Teams Up With Spidey-2

      Antabax, the trusted personal care range in Malaysia emerges as the official partner for Sony Pictures’ latest action-packed superhero sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro.   Teaming up with the latest web-slinging instalment of the friendly neighbourhood superhero comes with a significant objective of raising awareness on responsibilities that come with maintaining good personal hygiene. 

  • Watch Out for Stealth Marketer

    In one of my sleepless nights, I watched The Joneses. Thanks to Netflix recommendation, perhaps the app tracks that I have watched too many X-Files episodes, so now let’s push more David Duckhovny movies over to me. Well, I like him. 

  • “I love you.” “I love you too!”

    Feeling a bit under the weather yesterday, went home slept for many hours, and after dinner, kids all gone to bed.  I asked Retna if she wanted to watch a movie.  We decided either Pirates of Caribbean or Super 8.  Since Pirates of the Caribbean was not shot in 3D, and only 3D version available at GSC, we opt for Super 8. I think we made the right choice. No thanks to the GSC super duper slow pop corn counter, which was extremely slow.  We got in after 5mins of the movie, which was the part that Joe Lamb’s mom pass away in an accident.