• My Uber Experience

    I started using Uber service on Sep 6, 2014.  I took the ride service when I was coming back from Citroen Service Centre at Glenmarie.  Since then I have pretty much using Uber, more than Grab.  I believe in taking ride in a comfort of a family ride, or similar. Comfort, does not refer to business class nor luxury car rides.  I mean the comfort of a driver who would drive in the manner that he is driving his loved ones, family members, friends to places. Or I think I may be wrong in my own perception about Uber and Grab rides. About 20% of the Uber and Grab rides…

  • Tried Uber

    I am always fond for public transport, more so when I could get into one which I could walk and save some time between meetings for work or just doing my own errands. Where I am living and working at #welcometopuchong land, there is not much public transport averrable within the walking distance.  The nearest would be 3km away, which can imagine how hot and dangerous it would be walking on the roads.  More so, the Puchong roads have limited or no shoulder walk way.  So, pretty much we are walking on faith.