• Stromatolites, Existed Billion Years Ago

    Lake Thetis, a saline coastal lake, situated at a small town, Cervantes, about 11km away from the beautiful Nambung National Park, where The Pinnacles are.  We took a short drive to Cervantes after the car we hired was running out of fuel. In some parts of out skirt of Western Australia, when it is out, it is really quiet, like you are all alone, in the place.  No one else passing by, even though The Pinnacles could be a tourist packed place. 

  • Visiting Desert, The Pinnacle

    Heard so much about desert, visiting one, not yet. During our annual family vacation to Perth this year, we made sure that we will visit some place so different that we have never been before, we chose The Pinnacle, which is under the Nambung National Park. About 200km, from Perth CBD, according to Google Maps.