• The Stroke Games, A First in Malaysia

    A pro-bono public relations project by About Communication Sdn Bhd, we chose to support the good cause of National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM), to organise a media session to introduce its first ever Stroke Games in Malaysia. Janet, the Founder Chairman of the association was former owner of the PR agency Retna was attached to, like 20 years ago.  When contacted by her team, we told Janet, we would love to assist. The rest of the press release can be obtained here. The National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) is organising the first ever Stroke Games in conjunction with its 20th anniversary celebration. To be held on March 4,…

  • Just Went To Giant Panda Complex

    Since its inception, The Giant Panda Complex, we have heard and read so much about the place and of course the pandas, we have never been there, ourselves.  Though one of aboutcom client is the main sponsor of this whole initiative. However, today I took Inez to visit the National Zoo, and of course we need to visit the Giant Panda Complex, which housed Fu Wa, Feng Yi, and their baby, Nuan Nuan. The complex is really well built, with the extensive funds poured in the place, one would expect it to be the world class.  It is really cooling to be in the complex, as compares to the humid…

  • Antabax Announces Winners of 1st Ever National Hygiene Doodle Competition

    Doodling is taking Malaysia by storm! And Antabax, a trusted and innovative antibacterial personal care range is at the forefront of popularizing this form of artistic expression, organizing the first ever-National Hygiene Doodle Competition with the support of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education. Doodles are spontaneous marks that can take many forms, from abstract patterns or designs to images of objects, landscapes, people or faces. Some people doodle by retracing words or letters[1].

  • Can possibly make ABC, except no coconut milk

    Owakudani (大涌谷), a hotspring sightseeing spot in Hakone National Park, which took the bus driver about an hour to turn us in circle, of which we could possibly considered as blessed, as no one in the bus actually made any ‘present’ (a.k.a. from phewing) throughout the journey. It reminds me of the drive heading up to Balik Pulau, Genting, Cameron Highland and Frasers’ Hill. We were briefed by the tour manager that it was -2 degrees when we arrived at the bus stop.  But, in my opinion, I felt it was more like -5 or 6 degrees, because it was really cold.  

  • Brother关爱计划为癌症幸存者捐献 2万5千令吉

    开发与出品打印、通讯、标签与家用缝纫机的业界翘楚 Brother International (马)私人有限公司 (以下简称 Brother International公司), 日前在马来西亚国民大学 (UKM)万宜校区的体育馆参与『吉隆坡2011年度马来西亚生命接力行』(Relay for Life Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur 2011)活动,会中慷慨捐献 2万5千令吉予马来西亚国家癌症协会 (National Cancer Society of Malaysia,英文简称NCSM)。 马来西亚Brother International私人有限公司董事经理大塚良明亲自把2万5千令吉善款移交给『2011年度马来西亚生命接力行』筹委会主席兼马来西亚国家癌症协会荣誉顾问 Dato’ Zuraidah Atan。 大塚先生透露, Brother International的环球公益倡议乃以人道主义行动为依归,大马分公司为癌症病友们捐献的这笔义款,也属于计划的一个环节。